Stranger Things: a season 5 already in preparation?


On Netflix, Stranger Things is a big hit. Fans want a sequel. And it could be that Season 5 is in the works.

Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s biggest hits. So, fans would love to see a sequel. Season 5 therefore seems to be considered.

For several years, Netflix subscribers have been devouring the series that the platform offers. No wonder then.

It must be said that Netflix is ​​always on target. Thus, the followers of the series are on a small cloud. And for good reason, there is something for everyone. Between romances, actions and mysteries everyone can find the right fit.

With The Chronicle of the Bridgertons and The Winx Saga, Netflix is ​​therefore a hit. Indeed, on social networks its programs are at the heart of all discussions and questions.

Indeed, the fans try to guess the rest of the programs. Thus, the assumptions fuse on the Web. Something to delight the most curious among them.

In fact, Netflix subscribers often express their desire for a sequel to each series. So when Elite Season 4 is announced, then that’s great and good news for all fans of the series.

Now is the turn of Stranger Things fans to come forward. They are eagerly awaiting season 5. And it could be that this new part is being prepared.

Stranger Things (Netflix): a season 5 already in preparation?


Stranger Things is one of the most beloved series on Netflix. So, a lot of fans would like to see a season 5 appear.

The show’s creator opened up in an interview with Gild Derbey. He then explained that season 4 would not be the last. The fans were therefore the happiest in the world.

So the Duffer Brothers said, “I’m going to tell you in season 4 and in season 5, if we are ever able to film again. There is a lot to reveal about the complexity of Hopper’s story, which is really rich and I’m excited to see. ”

He added, “Because we know the ending, you can go back and watch it and see, you know what we were planting in Season 3 which paid off in Seasons 4 and 5.”

The rumor also announces that season 5 will be divided into two parts on Netflix. And it could be the last season. Anyway, the platform has got everyone used to changing their minds a lot. So don’t panic.

This question will therefore not find an official answer for the moment. The release date has therefore not been announced.

And for good reason, there is a good chance that Netflix subscribers will not get a date before season 4 airs.


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