Stranger Things 5 Ending Tease Hints At Using the Original Plan of Eleven Deaths


WARNING! There are small spoilers ahead for the 4th season of “Very Strange Things”, vol. 1!

The Duffer brothers teased that the 5th season of “Very Strange Cases” has a very emotional ending, hinting that the original plan to kill Eleven will be implemented in the series finale. Although the series is more popular than ever, the Netflix series “Very Strange Things” ends with the fifth season, which will finally end Hawkins’ battle with the Wrong Side. However, although the storyline of “Eleven” is coming to an end, the co-creators of the series hinted at the possibility of spin-offs of the series “Very strange Things”.

“Very Strange Things” was one of the first major Netflix original series, and the only massive hit of the service at the time of its premiere was “Orange is the hit of the season”. Thus, the actors and crew of the series “Very strange things” did not expect that the series would receive such an incredible number of fans, not to mention a huge budget. The first season of “Very Strange Things” was originally conceived as a mini-series, but Netflix rightly decided to extend its life.

If “Very Strange Things” had actually been a limited series presented by the Duffer brothers, the first season would have ended with Eleven sacrificing herself to destroy the Underside. However, more seasons were ordered, leading to the controversial epilogue of the first season of “Very Strange Things”, in which Hopper throws an Egg for Eleven in the woods, and Will coughs up slugs, showing that the former character survived, and the Upside-down still penetrated Hawkins. Considering that the Duffer brothers originally planned for Eleven to die to save the world, and now have written a tearful series finale, it seems that the co-authors of “Very Strange Cases” could be planning to reuse this fate for the main character of the series at the end of the fifth season of the series “Very Strange Cases”.

Teasing what to expect from the series finale of “Very Strange Things,” the Duffer brothers revealed that Netflix reacted to their finale with strong emotions after seeing “executives crying who [they] have never seen crying before.” Although this reaction was also emotional due to the greater impact of the series coming to an end, the story of the finale of “Very Strange Things” is clearly intense enough to bring tears to the eyes of the executives. The teaser ending of the fifth season of the series “Very Strange Things” by the Duffers did not include any specific plot points, but it seems that one of the endings that could cause such a reaction would be the death of Eleven to save Hawkins and her loved ones, just as the creators originally intended.

Along with the emotional finale of the fifth season of “Very Strange Things,” the Duffers teased that the series finale would make fans “want more.” This suggests that most of the beloved characters of “Very Strange Cases” will live to the end of season 5, but the series is still moving along a more tragic path, approaching the end of the story. The co-authors explained that the finale of the 2nd volume of the 4th season of “Very Strange Things” will not be happy, and in the 5th season the consequences of the decisive battle of the characters with the Inside and Out will continue. Eleven’s ties to the Underside terrorizing Hawkins are now stronger than ever, which means that the ending of the fifth season of “Very Strange Cases” can finally use the character’s original death plan to end the series.