Stranger Things: 13 Best Eleven Quotes


Despite the fact that she barely speaks, Eleven is the face of the popular Netflix show “Stranger Things”. The memorable performance of Millie Bobby Brown gives the “Eleven” mystery and at the same time evokes the sympathy of the audience.

The show is the most popular Netflix series for a reason. Of course, nostalgia for the 80s and bright aesthetics are huge factors, but it is such outstanding characters as Eleven that really strengthen the reputation of “Stranger Things”. She doesn’t speak much, so when she speaks, her words are remembered even more.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the 4th season of “Stranger Things”.

Updated by Amanda Bruce on June 20, 2022: Eleven has come a long way since she first appeared in “Stranger Things.” From a barely speaking child growing up in a lab to a young woman adjusting to a new family and a new high school, Eleven was forced to evolve in a short period of time. Her early quotes in the series usually consisted of one or two words, but her command of the language developed along with her character, which brought even more interesting lines to season 4.

Eleven brings levity to a serious presentation

“This is Mr. Fibbley. He’s a squirrel.”

When season 4 begins, Eleven, using the name Jane, is in her first year of high school. She needs to make a presentation about her hero, and she decides to make a presentation about Jim Hopper. It’s hard for her to get through this topic, given that she still feels guilty and sad that Hopper sacrificed himself. And the bullies in her class don’t make things any easier.

Helen begins the presentation with a line about a squirrel that is part of her diorama. It’s meant to inject a bit of levity into what will become a serious topic, and while Brown’s pitch is great, the joke isn’t going as Eleven had hoped.

Eleven thinks she’s dangerous

“I’m A Monster.”

During the first season, Eleven was very silent about who she was and where she came from, leaving the boys guessing. Lucas has suspicions about her, and he is not afraid to voice them. He calls her a monster when she uses her powers against him, and Mike and Dustin have to agree, despite the fact that they are simultaneously trying to claim that she made a mistake.

She scares the boys and they mistakenly believe that she is lying to them, forcing Eleven to go their own way. And although Eleven shows how inspiring she is after saving Mike from death, she tells them the truth—that she opened the Gate by letting Demogorgon through, thereby turning her into a monster. Mike immediately objects, pointing out that she just saved his life.

Eleven learns insults from Mike

“Deep Mouth”.

Especially in the first season, Eleven rarely speaks. Most of her lines consist of just one word, most often “no”. However, it seems that the silence allows her to absorb the information around her.

She pays attention and attentively listens to what is happening around her. She hears Mike calling one of the bullies a chatterbox, who, as Mike explains, is a “stupid person, a blockhead.” Later, when she breaks into the store and steals eggs, she calls the attendant a breathing mouth in one of her most iconic moments.

Eleven learns that time is relative

“Joyce says time is so funny. Emotions can speed it up or slow it down. Come to think of it, we’re all time travelers.”

Eleven learns a lot in a very short time. She has a lot to catch up on compared to other teenagers. Living with the Byers family in California, she learns new verbal skills and writes letters to Mike. In a letter announcing the opening of the Season 4 premiere, Eleven tells Mike about Joyce’s views on time.

Although Eleven doesn’t say she completely agrees with Joyce, it looks like she does. Eleven spends a lot of time looking forward to Mike’s arrival, and for a very short time sees her relationship begin to crumble.

Eleven admits to listening to Mike

“353 days. I heard.”

Mike and Eleven are separated at the end of the first season when Eleven sacrifices herself to get rid of Demogorgon. Mike continues to call her on the walkie-talkie every single day for 353 days.

Eleven can eavesdrop only by being transported in the Opposite direction, where she can enter the ethereal space and remain invisible. She listens to Mike every day, but she can’t say anything back, which hurts them both. When they finally reunite at the end of season 2, Mike starts telling her that he called her every day, but she interrupts him and finishes the sentence for him.

Eleven wants to help protect Hawkins

“I can fight.”

In the third season, Eleven really learns to control and improve her powers. This is largely due to her little lesson with Kali in the second season, which taught her a lot, even if the fans didn’t like this episode.

In the Battle of Starcourt , Eleven makes a great contribution to the fight against