Stranger Things: 10 things that should happen in the second half of Season 4


The 4th season of “Strange Things” has finally been released, and although fans have been waiting for the return of the show for a long time, they will have to wait a little for the end of the last season of the show. The release of seasons in different parts is something new for “Strange Things“, and it gave viewers the opportunity to theorize, predict and anticipate what the second volume of season 4 will be.

Since many relationships, interactions, and questions remained up in the air after the mid-season finale of season 4 of “Strange Things,” there are many elements that fans can’t wait to see in the second half of season 4.

Will’s painting

Although this may initially serve as a way to re-introduce Will in season 4, he brought his painting to the airport when he picked up Mike, and Will took it with him when they ran away from Lenora. Since nothing happens by chance in “Strange Things”, we hope that the mystery of the picture will be revealed to the audience in the second part of the fourth season.

Since many fans have had long-standing theories about Will and his hidden sexuality, it’s also possible that the picture could be a way to finally show this to viewers and other characters.

Eddie meets Argyle

The two best new characters of Season 4, Eddie and Argyle, are loyal, outspoken and downright funny additions to an already amazing cast Strange Things. Since Will, Mike, Jonathan and Eddie are heading to Hawkins, these two characters may well meet.

These are the two funniest characters of the series, who first got into the world of Upside Down, so their interaction in the second part of the fourth season can give fans some of the funniest jokes and scenes in the entire series.


At the end of the first part of season 4, Hopper reunited with Joyce and Murray, but the three characters are still trapped in a Russian prison, where Demogorgon is at large. Whether they will defeat Demogorgon or not is still unknown, but one thing is for sure: they will not stay in place for long.

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Since the next steps in their adventure are likely to involve a prison break, the scene in which the trio uses the combined savvy (and Murray’s new karate skills) to escape is something fans can’t wait to see, and it’s possible that fans will be able to see them. in the process, destroy the Demogorgon.

What’s going on with Nancy

As if there weren’t enough cliffhangers for the 1st volume of the 4th season, at the end of the last episode Nancy fell under the curse of Vecna just at the moment when she was about to return to the real world. Since it is unlikely that the characters have Nancy’s favorite song on standby, her future survival remains uncertain.

Nancy played the main role in Strange Things have been going on since the very beginning of the show, and since she is one of the most beloved characters of the show, learning about Nancy’s fate will make many fans tune in to the 2nd volume of season 4 with tension.

How does it set up for the final season

While fans have gained a much deeper understanding of Upside Down thanks to Vecna’s backstory, the Mind Catcher is still a mystery and the main antagonistic force of the series. Since season 5 is supposed to be the last installment of “Strange Things,” there are many questions that still need answers.

It’s doubtful that any big secrets of the series will be revealed in the second part of season 4, but fans can’t wait to see how the characters and their long-awaited battle with the Mind Catcher line up in the 2nd part of the series. Season 4.

Elle and Mike fix their relationship

Elle and Mike’s relationship broke up in Season 4 when Mike learned the truth about the struggles Elle had experienced during her time in Lenore. Since these two never managed to sort out their quarrel with each other, their relationship is currently in limbo.

Since two teenage lovers have always found a way to solve their problems in the past, it’s very likely that Mike and Al will get a chance to revive their romance in the second volume, and many fans can’t wait for that to happen. because their relationship is at the heart of “Strange Things.”

El uses his powers

Eleven spent most of season 4 reminiscing about her time in Hawkins’ lab, trying to regain her strength. Since she briefly uses her powers in Episode 5, the question now is whether they have fully returned.

The last time fans see her, Eleven finally learns the tragic truth about the deaths of all the other kids in Hawkins’ lab, but it’s possible that her newfound peace may end up making her stronger than fans have ever seen. Or, perhaps, the whole team will have to unite and figure out how to defeat Vekna without El’s strength.

How a love triangle collapses

In one of the most unexpected arches of season 4, Nancy and Steve seem about to resume an affair with each other. Despite the fact that Nancy and Jonathan have been friends since the first season of “Strange Things”, it is shown that in season 4 their relationship broke down, creating a Steve-Nancy-Jonathan love triangle for the next part of season 4.

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It seems that fans of “Strange Things” are divided in their opinions about how this love triangle should develop, and this will surely be a serious reason why fans are tuning in to watch the second volume of the fourth season of the show.

Characters reunite

One of the best recurring moments in every season of “Strange Things” occurs when all the storylines converge and fans see how all the characters interact and work together. When and how this happens will be interesting to see, especially considering that the characters are further apart than ever.

However, if anything can be said for sure, it’s that the Duffer brothers know how to write an eventful and enjoyable end to the season that gives all the characters a chance to prove themselves, and fans can’t wait to see how things will develop.

Vecna Fighting Game Eleven

In one of the biggest plot twists of all Strange Things Vecna turns out to be Henry Creel, Dr. Brenner’s first test subject. This disclosure makes Vecna a much more convincing villain, as he has close ties to the Eleven, which makes the final confrontation between the two almost certainly occurred in the second volume of season 4.

Since the season finales of “Strange Things” are known for showing some of the greatest displays of Eleven’s abilities, it’s possible that the conclusion of season 4 will allow fans to see the greatest battle of Eleven if she fights Vecna.