Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Will Have More Party Members


Stranger of Paradise: Here we are in front of more news regarding Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. This time, they concern the members of the main group, which will be much larger than seen in the trailer presented by Square Enix this week.

According to material published in Famitsu magazine, players will have the option to add more team members in addition to the two that were on the recording, but still the number of active fighters will be limited to three at a time and the possibility of free exchange between they.

Another element related to the other fighters that will show up in the adventure is that they will be able to equip specific weapons and armor, and only Jack will be able to equip attack items from the eight groups that will be present in the game.

Stanger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will be available in PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S versions sometime in 2022.


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