Strangely leaked footage shows gameplay presumably from Hideo Kojima’s next game “Overdose”.


The clip was recorded from a screen that was recorded from a phone by a shirtless man. Hmm?

What just happened? Sometime between Thursday evening and Friday morning, a video appeared that allegedly shows gameplay footage of the next game released by Kojima Productions. It looks like it’s called Overdose and could be a sequel or a byproduct of Death Stranding. However, there are many reasons for skepticism, so keep the salt shaker handy.

Let’s start by studying the video. The original uploaded by Insider Gaming was deleted, but not before others re-uploaded it. We have embedded one of the ones below for your convenience, but it is unknown how long it will stay online. If it’s broken, a simple YouTube search should yield more results.

In a two-minute, 30-second clip, we see what appears to be the face of a Twitch streamer or a game tester in a picture-in-picture overlay. On the main screen, the game character looks like Margaret Qually, who played Mom in Death Stranding. Thus, the game may be related to Kojima’s debut game, or the studio is reusing talents. The latter is not an unreasonable assumption, given that Norman Reedus is reportedly still working with Hideo on the Death Stranding sequel.

Qually’s character explores a dark environment with a flashlight, indicating that the game belongs to the survival horror genre. The player on the PiP screen looks tense, which somewhat reinforces this conclusion.

Taking into account only these facts, it is reasonable to assume that the footage is authentic and shot by Kojima Productions. That the game will be called a survival horror movie, either related to Death Stranding, or simply starring Margaret Qually. However, the presentation of the material raises too many questions for it to be cut and dried.

As a rule, the leaked footage is just a recording of the gameplay or videos. In this case, the clip was played and filmed on another camera, then played on the phone and recorded by some naked guy. So it was a record of a record of a record. The first two third-party captures may make sense, but beyond that, why not just transfer the original file or recording of the original? Is something being hidden due to the gradual deterioration of the footage by re-recording?

Also, the PiP player seems to be wearing a bad wig. What happened to that?

A huge red flag is the “Game over” screen. This is basically fine until it disappears and is replaced by “Hideo Kojima’s Game. OVERDOSE.” This name has already appeared in the previous June leak. In fact, Tom Henderson of Try Hard verbally described the same footage, so this is apparently a video confirmation of his report. However, shameless self-promotion on the game’s end screen seems too much. As if the scammer wanted to make sure that the footage was related to Kojima Productions.

However, it seems like it’s a lot of work just to pull off a prank. The Trickster had to create a short fragment of a fake game in Unreal or another engine using the image of Margaret Qually. Then simulate playback or streaming. Then record it from the screen twice — once shirtless for some reason. Then distribute it. This seems excessive for a draw with minimal impact.

On the other hand, some people have too much free time these days. What do you think? Is this a legitimate leak from Kojima Productions or did someone quickly pull the leak? Let us know in the comments.


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