“Strange Things” turn the Empire State Building upside down with a light show


Netflix announces the release of the 4th season of “Strange Things” with a large-scale marketing campaign that includes highlighting the walls of the Empire State Building to attract viewers. The streaming platform’s flagship show premiered last season in 2019, and fans were clamoring for more as a number of questions remained unanswered. Three years later, after a series of delays related to the pandemic, Season 4 is already here and is the biggest season of the Netflix show, featuring full-length episodes of the Duffer brothers, new locations and a terrifying protagonist.

Being the cornerstone of its ownership, Netflix has put a lot of effort into making the 4th season of the TV series “Strange Things” the main spectacle of the year. From interviews with actors touting the season as the darkest, to an emphasis on its enormous duration, to the release of funny behind-the-scenes videos, the 4th season of “Strange Things” does everything possible to attract the attention of viewers. Someone even ventured to preserve the secrecy of the show, approving the spoiler link to “Monopoly”.

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Now Netflix has applied its most ambitious marketing tactic: lit up the side of the Empire State Building with moving graphics from “Strange Cases.” New York-based content creator Carolina Rizzotto shares the entire 15-minute light show on her YouTube channel. The villainous Vecna, Demogorgon and the portal in the Opposite direction are shown very prominently, along with some short inserts of the main characters, such as Eleven and Hopper. Watch the video below:

The iconic New York landmark has already been covered on other occasions, but the show “Strange Things” is a landmark promotional event for the TV series. The decision of Netflix and advertising agency Giant Spoon to show the creepy villain Vecna is wise, since his disclosure undoubtedly caused a stir and led to fan discussions around season 4. Other images seem more abstract, but their inclusion forms a visually appealing showcase that should arouse interest. in an effects-based season, and gives a sense of a more horror-oriented tone to upcoming episodes. Actors Gaten Matarazzo, Noah Schnapp, Pria Ferguson and Kara Buono were also at the Empire State Building to promote the series.

This experience is not just a dazzling evening for New Yorkers, but also a real advertising initiative that is rare these days. This is not only evidence of the popularity of “Strange Things”, but also evidence of Netflix’s commitment to the series and its fans. If that’s not enough, given Netflix’s $30 million episodic season 4 budget, the light show should also delight fans around the world, including the sights of Milan, London and Tokyo. It is unclear whether the actors will travel together with a dynamic light show, but the event is sure to return the attention and potential subscribers to “strange things.”