Strange New game “Squirrel with a Gun” Goes Viral


In video games, animals have long been the main game characters, a recent example is the Stray game, focused on cats. But the upcoming game coming out on Steam, literally depicting a squirrel with a gun, capable of committing crimes and terrorizing people, especially attracts attention. In the clips of the upcoming Squirrel with a Gun game posted on Twitter, the first gameplay was shown, and it seems that the game fully corresponds to the name.

Squirrel with a Gun is a quirky indie game that now has a Steam page. On the Steam page, the game is described as follows: “It’s not easy, but it’s fun to be a squirrel with a gun. Squirrel with a gun is a sandbox game that focuses on exploration and shooting.” In addition to robbing people, players can also help the townspeople like a squirrel with a gun and receive gifts, such as a cake. The game will also have the mechanics of deviating from the “Agents” who are supposed to be the main antagonists of the game. Players will also be able to use recoil when firing weapons to launch their cute and deadly squirrel high into the air.

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In a 23-second video posted on Twitter by Dan Entremont, creator of Squirrel with a Gun, the adorable squirrel player is not so adorable when holding a person at gunpoint and committing a robbery. The video also shows how cute the NPC people think the squirrel is: one of them just tries to take a picture of the squirrel before it pulls out a gun and makes the person fear for his life, and the squirrel then chases the person. The video ends with the squirrel running with a mobile phone stolen from a man she had just held at gunpoint and was chasing. Despite the fact that the video is short, it tells the audience everything you need to know about this game: it’s a game with a squirrel who has a gun. Simulator 3 is released on November 17th.

The video has gained more than 12 million views at the time of writing. The vast majority of comments on the video are positive, users praise the simplicity and ruthlessness of being a cute creature with a gun. This is also not the first time that players can play as a cute creature that can turn violent in a hurry. The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, says that it depends on the developer of Rare whether we will ever see new whole series of Conker, in which there was also a squirrel as a game character.

This game just shows that games don’t have to be AAA or high-budget to attract the attention of the audience. As the video explodes the way it is, developer Dan Deentremont is sure to get more donations for this project, as it’s clear that gamers really just want to play for a cute squirrel and give her a gun.

“Squirrel with a gun” does not have a release date, but now it can be added to the wish list of users on Steam.


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