Strange Marvel’s Avengers Bug Shows Spider-Man Becoming a Real Spider


Spider-Man does what a spider can, except that he actually becomes one. Although now, thanks to Marvel’s Avengers, Spider-Man has taken his spider-sense one step further. Fans are talking about the strange nature of who Spider-Man has become in Marvel’s “Avengers.”

Exclusively for PlayStation players, the plot of the Spider-Man DLC in Marvel’s Avengers is told using audio recordings and illustrated cut scenes, not a campaign. Although it was a controversial topic at the time of its November 2021 release, fans seem to be finding new things to enjoy in a live service game, including comical bugs.

UltraRareProtege21 took to Reddit to share a video about how, for lack of a better description, Spider-Man’s bug turns into a real spider during a battle in Marvel’s Avengers. The video shows what looks like a mechanical spider that merges with Spider-Man, as if the metal spider was a mech with Spider-Man in the cockpit. However, the swinging of Spider-Man’s web remains intact, so the gameplay remains unchanged beyond the giant spider visually in what happens on the screen during the game. Currently, there doesn’t seem to be an explanation of how the error occurs.

Fans flooded the comments section of the video to make fun of this spider beetle. Comments such as pointing out the meta nature of the bug, how Spider-Man took the Iron Spider costume too seriously, and even fans who comically assumed it was a new Spider-Man costume. Regardless of the state of the Marvel’s Avengers DLC, this bug is certainly funny enough to laugh at, as it is not a game hacking mechanic, assuming it is not a common occurrence among the Marvel’s Avengers player community.

With the recently released summer skins and speculation that the next DLC character is rumored to be Bucky Barnes, that being the Winter Soldier himself in Marvel’s Avengers, a continuous stream of live-action content for the game could smooth things over for fans. Players were also pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of the Mark-85 armor damaged in the Battle of Iron Man from Avengers: Endgame, which was present during the final battle, as Crystal Dynamics continues to support the game by offering a variety of inspired content for release, ranging from extensive comic book and movie history.

Marvel’s Avengers is already available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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