Straighten Rumors, SALT Entertainment Reveals Details of Their Contract with Kim Seon Ho


Kim Seon Ho‘s agency, SALT Entertainment, has released a statement regarding their contract with the actor.


Previously, SALT Entertainment’s statement about the long contract with Kim Seon Ho was not believed because rumors emerged that it was just a game from the agency.

In response to this, today (25/10), SALT Entertainment released a statement discussing the contents of the contract which is a secret between the parties concerned only.

“Hello, this is SALT Entertainment.

We would like to convey accurate information regarding the contract period between actor Kim Seon-ho and SALT Entertainment.

First of all, the contents of this contract are confidential between the parties concerned, but due to ongoing issues, we will notify you with the consent of the parties concerned.

In July 2018, actor Kim Seon Ho and SALT Entertainment met for the first time which was introduced by a television station employee.

It will be difficult for actors to make a decision in a short time against a long partnership, so after mutual agreement, we decided to work together from September 2018 to September 2019 and discuss the contract extension afterwards.

After that, we were supposed to discuss the contract extension in June 2019, three months before the contract expired, but because the actors are busy and the trust between the actors and the company is strong, until it arrives in 2020.

After that, at the request of the actor, the contract was extended for three years from March 2020 to March 2023, and an attached agreement was also made which automatically extended one year for each year until March 2027 if there was no difference of opinion between the actor and the agency.

We hope that you understand our choice to release this statement regarding the ongoing issues.”

-SALT Entertainment

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