Straight Gear Car Without Clutch: Hyundai Venue


Hyundai is preparing to present a remarkable technology to consumers in its new car Venue, which it is preparing to sell in India. Although the new Hyundai Venue is a straight-speed car, the vehicle does not have a clutch pedal and the clutch is automatically engaged when shifting.

South Korea-based automaker Hyundai is preparing to offer a remarkable transmission option in India for the compact crossover model Hyundai Venue. In its new technology, Hyundai combines the convenience of automatic transmission with the control feel of manual gear in a single transmission.

Hyundai’s intelligent manual transmission (iMT) technology will only be available at least for now on Hyundai Venue models with a 120 horsepower 1.0 liter Turbo engine and gasoline in India. The technology understands this when you want to change gears with its simplest explanation, and automatically engages the clutch. So how?

According to the information conveyed by Autocar India, Hyundai has added a transmission control unit (TCU) into the gear lever, which detects that the driver is about to change gears thanks to its sensors. This unit, which sends a signal to the hydraulic actuator when the driver changes gear, enables the clutch pedal to automatically engage. By the way, saying pedal; this vehicle does not have a clutch pedal.

While Hyundai Kim from Hyundai Motor India stated that they are continuing their efforts to increase customer satisfaction with human-centered technologies that respond to their customers’ requests, he said that iMT technology combines driving pleasure with ease of use. Hyundai’s sister company, Kia, previously announced a similar technology for the Sonet SUV model.


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