Stove suggestions to buy on Black Friday Brasil


If you need to renovate your home with new appliances, this year’s Black Friday offers may be the best opportunity for you to purchase more modern products, but with more friendly prices.

But first, it is always good to research some models and track prices, so as not to buy something on impulse or not find a really good offer. To help you, we have listed some models of stoves that are worthwhile.

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Atlas Monaco Glass 4-burner Floor Stove

The Monaco Glass is an ideal stove for singles or couples without children to buy on Black Friday 2020. It is very basic and simple, but saves on gas consumption and has automatic ignition, which is very useful and practical. In addition, it has a safety lock, which interrupts the emission of gas when the fire is accidentally extinguished, and is very cost-effective.

Electrolux 52LBU 4-burner Floor Stove

This Electrolux model also has four burners, automatic ignition and gas cut-off sensor. Other features include removable buttons, sliding oven shelf, internal lamp useful for viewing recipes that are prepared in the oven, in addition to the modern look.

Floor Cooker Consul CFO4VAR 4 Bocas

The CFO4VAR Consul has a modern look, with smooth textures that prevent the accumulation of fat, facilitating cleaning both inside the oven and outside. It has two large and two medium burners, automatic ignition, sliding oven shelf and internal lamp.

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Despite being a simple stove with four burners, this model has a robust look and construction, since it is made of stainless steel, and the upper surface is completely smooth, in glass, imitating a cooktop.


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