Story update to desktop version of Instagram


In the quarantine period, the number of users of Instagram is increasing day by day, where the live broadcast feature is more popular. Although new features are usually introduced for the mobile version of Instagram, there are some innovations for the desktop version as well. In this context, the story interface for Instagram Web is being updated.

Story interface for Instagram Web has been renewed

It is said that the interface will be renewed with the next update of Instagram. Although the mobile application reaches more people, it is expected to offer development for the web version of the platform. Many users did not have a good experience, especially when switching stories from the computer.

Thanks to the new design interface you see below, it becomes more practical to switch between stories.

Thanks to the renewed interface design, those who want to switch between stories will be able to switch more easily and see the next story and who is sharing. Instagram is expected to provide a better experience in this way.

As you may remember, Instagram recently announced the Professional Board feature for businesses. With this feature, which targets both content creator accounts and business accounts, users can access statistics under a single roof in more detail.


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