The story of Taehyung and Yeontan, their adorable pet


He is V’s best friend and together they have had great moments. BTS has forged a great friendship with each other over the years, but V has someone very special: Yeontan.

We know that the dog is man’s best friend and they have both shown to have a very special bond, even though V sometimes has to leave him when he is on tour. We tell you the story of Taehyung next to his adorable puppy.

It was in 2017 when V unveiled their pet at ARMY, the boys made a broadcast on VLive to celebrate Jin’s birthday, and the idol decided to bring in a very special guest: Yeontan.

ARMY was surprised to meet him, as he did not know when he obtained it, what it was called and how much time he had with it. Since then it has become the official mascot of the group

What kind of dog is it?

It belongs to the Pomeranian breed , they are small and their life span ranges from 14 to 18 years. Their personality describes them as intelligent, affectionate, zero aggressive and somewhat spoiled. V even hired him a personal trainer to take the best care, since apparently he was born with health problems.

The i dol has shown that he has a great heart, which is why it is said that he adopted him despite his condition, in addition, he confessed that everything he knew seemed annoying and made him want to hug him. V has shared countless moments with Yeontan, from his vacation, to recreating some challenges that fans have recommended.

Their relationship is so adorable that they even modeled together for a photo shoot, proving that the two complement each other and that Yeontan is a very obedient dog.

He has also lived with the members of BTS , they love him and hug him as if he were one of them, even ARMY has celebrated his birthday and has shown his love through messages.

Why Yeontan?

Its name seems to stem from a charcoal block that is used in South Korea to heat houses , V chose it because of Yeontan’s black fur, although there were also theories about a Bangtan combination.

Apparently, V’s desire to have a pet was always present, but he was not allowed, according to rumors, the idol had to commit to his manager to let him adopt if they won on Billboard, something they achieved thanks to the support from ARMY.

The history between them has many years ahead, keeping each other company, pets have a special power to make you feel better and end loneliness.

But if you think that Yeontan is the perfect match for V, you are wrong, his pet is not the only one that always accompanies him, it is also his outfits that perfectly match his hair , check the list of the times he mixed the color of its tint with clothes.


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