Story sharing for YouTube Music on the way


Google is working hard to make YouTube Music a powerful alternative to Spotify and Apple Music. In this direction, the internet giant continues to add new features to the platform that users will enjoy. According to the news on the 9to5Google site; YouTube Music users will soon have the opportunity to share the song they listen to as a story on Instagram or Snapchat.

This feature has not yet been activated. However, it is possible to see the presence of this feature in the sharing menu in YouTube Music’s Android application. Users who have Instagram and Snapchat installed on their devices see the Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories options in the share menu. These options appear to have been created by YouTube Music.

Right now, the application gives an error when one of these options is touched. This shows that Google is working on this feature. Once the story format sharing feature is activated, users will be able to share a song they listen to on YouTube Music as a story on Instagram or Snapchat. Through the story in question, users will be able to be directed to YouTube Music again.

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Traces of the YouTube Music story sharing feature have not been seen on Instagram or Snapchat for now.

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