Story Of The Year announced a new album “Tear Me To Pieces” and shared the title track


Story Of The Year has announced details of their new album “Tear Me To Pieces”. Check out the title track below.

Taken from the new album, due out on March 10, “Tear Me To Pieces” is a powerful and memorable track that guitarist Ryan Phillips called “definitive” for the band.

“Perhaps more than any other song on the record, ‘Tear Me To Pieces’ meets all the requirements for what best defines The Story Of The Year — anthemic pop choruses balanced with guttural screams, energetic drums inspired by punk rock, gloomy lyrics and aggressive guitar riffs”, Phillips said. “This song covers the whole gamut.”

“Tear Me To Pieces” follows the previous single “Real Life” as a taster of the next record.

“When our fans hear this, they’ll be like, ‘Oh, shit, these dudes are ready!'” Phillips said of the album. “It’s the sound of a band that put everything into it. If a new band had released this album, I would have written to all the members of my band about it.”

“Tear Me To Pieces” Track Listing:
1. “Tear me to pieces”
2. “Real life”
3. “Afterglow”
4. “The Dead and the Departed”<
5. “War”
6. “I can’t save you”
7. «2005»
8. “Sorry about me”
9. “Ride”
10. “Get knives”
11. “Use me”

From other news: Story Of The Year will perform this year at the When We Were Young festival under the direction of My Chemical Romance and Paramore. The Las Vegas Festival has also just announced its line-up for 2023, including headliners Blink-182, Green Day and many others.


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