Story era begins with Fleets on Twitter


Twitter is implementing Fleets so that everyone can easily join the conversation in a new way with short-lived thoughts. Fleets helps start the conversation to share instant thoughts and is only left for 24 hours.

Users will be able to create Fleets with text, Tweets, photos or videos and customize their Fleets with a variety of background and text options. To share a Tweet on Fleets, simply press the “Share” icon under the Tweet and then “Share on Fleet”. Then the user can add what he thinks about it with some text or emojis. In the near future, stickers and live streaming feature will be available on Fleets.

On Twitter, followers will be able to see Fleets at the top of their home page timeline. Anyone who can see the full profile will also be able to see the person’s Fleets there. If the user has enabled the option to receive Direct Messages from everyone, anyone will be able to reply to their Fleets. If the user wishes to reply to a Fleet, tap on it to send a Direct Message or emoji to the author and the conversation can be continued in Direct Messages.

twitter fleets

Twitter has found Fleets to help people join the conversation more comfortably through trial tests in Brazil, Italy, India and South Korea. Fleets users have participated in more conversations on Twitter through Fleets and Direct Messages. Those new to Twitter saw Fleets as an easier way to share their minds. As he disappeared the day after, Fleets has helped people feel more comfortable sharing their personal and everyday thoughts, ideas and feelings.

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Fleets will be updated with new features over time, based on user feedback. In the coming days, everyone around the world will have their Fleets on Twitter for iOS and Android.


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