The story behind Jungkook’s drawing

ARMY helped you choose the name for this piece

Jungkook surprised his followers again with his skills in the arts through weverse , this time it is not an image created from the inspiration that Bob Ross gave him through his videos, Jungkook shared an image of a gray sphere on a purple background, from which came some extra lines.

Jungkook said that he had decided to put a few extra touches on a drawing he had made for a long time, followed by asking his followers to please give this piece a name .

ARMY started releasing proposals, among which was found the COVID-19 due to the spherical shape surrounded by irregular lines , after reading some comments, the idol returned with a new post, where he pointed out that it was very clear what this was about artistic work, in this way, Jungkook made the name of his creation official, which was Rock Bison

During the last RUN that the BTS boys shared, fans were able to see them play with a beyblade arena , in this episode Jimin baptized the beyblade he used as Rock Bison, making all the members laugh.

This joke did not go unnoticed as both the followers of BTS and Jungkook have taken up this name, making it clear that it is one of the local jokes that become epic for fandom.

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