Stormzy speaks out about Jeremy Corbyn: “I just thought so highly of him”


The rapper also said the former Labour leader was “vilified” during the December 2019 general election.

Stormzy spoke about how Jeremy Corbyn was “vilified” during the general election in December 2019.

The London-based rapper, whose new album “This Is What I Mean” is coming out next week, has spoken about his continued support for the former Labour leader in a new interview.

Stormzy pledged his support to Corbyn back in 2019, who, he said, was “the first person in power who is determined to take back power.”

In a new interview for British GQ, the rapper was asked what he thinks about the elections in which the Conservative Party won a majority and guaranteed that Boris Johnson would remain prime minister.

“It’s like when you encourage kids to make the right decision, and they make the wrong one, even after you’ve explained everything. And you think, ‘OK, this is your decision… try to get your pie and eat it,'” he said.

“Even the way things turned out… I’m not going to say I told you about it, but…”

He added that it was “really depressing” to see Corbyn being criticized by the British media at the time.

“I just thought so highly of him and still think so highly of him, and I think: Well, if they can make him look like a pagan, then things are worse than I thought,” he said.

“I mean, if he’s a villain by and large, then this shit is crazier than I ever thought, because regardless of your politics or your politics, that’s one thing. But from the point of view of his intentions, they were 100 percent for the good. I mean, if we’re talking about superheroes versus evil villains, I know it’s been forever. And the way people hyped it, I just thought: “Wow, that’s scary.”

The politician’s respect for the grime star was mutual: in 2019, Corbin noted that Stormzy’s performance at Glastonbury “will go down in the cultural history of our country.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Stormzy recalled how he was inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, adding: “I think something has changed in the sense that the appeals were universal. “We’ve had enough… everyone is sick of it.” And people didn’t say it timidly.”

At the time, Stormzy pledged to donate 10 million pounds over 10 years to “organizations, charities and movements that are committed to combating racial inequality, justice reform and the empowerment of blacks in the UK.”


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