Stormzy Reveals The Full List of Members of The New Album “This Is What I Mean”


Stormzy has revealed the full list of co—authors of his new album “This Is What I Mean” – see them all below.

The rapper’s third album is due out this Friday (November 25). The title single “Hide & Seek” was released last month, and was recently followed by the track “Firebabe”.

It has now been confirmed that Samfa, Jacob Collier, Stormzy’s 0207 Def Jam label colleague Debbie, NAO, Miss Banks and many, many others are on the list of artists who worked on the record.

Described in a press statement as an “intimate love letter to music” and largely created at Stormzy’s “music camp” on Osea Island, Stormzy talked about actively collaborating on a new album.

“When you hear about music camps, they always sound tense and gloomy,” he explained how the new album was created. “People were saying, ‘We need to record an album.’ “We need to record some hit records.” But it seemed completely free. We’re all musicians, but we didn’t always make music. For several days we played football or walked, took pictures. And the byproduct of that was very beautiful music.

“Because when you combine this ideal with world-class musicians and the best producers, writers and artists in the world, and we are in the same space, it’s a recipe for something that no one can imagine. You can’t even calculate what will come of it. And that made up a big part of this album.”

The list of collaborators on ‘This Is What I Mean’ – in order of appearance – are:

George Moore
Knox Brown
Dion ‘Chord Lord’ Wardle
Scribz Riley
Ms Banks
Owen Cutts
Ayra Starr
India.Arie (via a portrait held by Stormzy)
Joel Peter & Calum Landau
Jacob Collier
Black Sherif
Stormzy & PRGRSHN

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Stormzy will headline the All Points East Festival next summer. He will curate an entire day of events in Victoria Park under the slogan “This is what we mean.” Tickets are on sale here.

In other news, Stormzy said that he has “come to terms with the idea that no one can like” his new album. Speaking about the new album in an interview with Rick Rubin for I-D, Stormzy explained that he finds it “impossible to understand what people want from me.”

“The idea of being in the studio, thinking you have to do a certain song… is the least creative place you can be,” he said. “And really, the audience doesn’t even know what they like, and I know that because I’m the same when I listen to music.”

“One thing I tried to remember when making the album is that I have to like it,” he continued. “I need to love the music I make more than anyone else. It should be my pride and joy.”

“It reflects the person I am and the person I have become. This is a reflection of growth. It’s not so much an attempt to make music, but that I’m trying to hold a mirror in front of me.”


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