Stormy Night Chapter 32, the bravery of an omega


Continuation…. The alpha seemed to hold his breath, he looked like he had been punched in the stomach -J, if you are talking nonsense you better stop, I can look deplorable, but I can still split your face if you are cheating on me

-I don’t.-He said seriously and a little offended -I would never lie to you, not with this Yoongi, you are my best friend and my omega did what you asked, for him it was a way of thanking you for saving us

But the alpha was no longer listening to him and he left the kitchen to go to the hall

-Hey, can you wait a second

-I already waited too long, not only are these weeks J, it was a couple of years, you understand?

-I do, man. But calm down, it seems that you are going to lose control at some point and or you are going to scare, things are already a bit messed up for you to screw it up, just wait 5 minutes, I don’t know

-Yo, well ok I will, but are you sure he will receive me?

-Tae does not lie and was with him inside for a while, something had to have achieved, now, you should change your clothes and try to count to 10 and not look so anxious

-Can you blame me?

-No, but you have been away from him and with a brand it will be a bit difficult to keep things at bay, you have a great need to see him and have him close, but Yoongi, even if he has agreed to talk to you, it does not mean roses and unicorns, do you know? true?

-What the hell are you saying?

Jungkook rolled his eyes and escorted him to his room, trying to distract him.

-It won’t jump into your arms right away, that will take a while

-Oh, now you’re an omegas expert.-He scoffed as he looked for some clean pants

-No, but the boy was afraid of you until a few days ago, he may hate you, so do not expect a welcome full of kisses and hugs

-Fuck you, J

-I’m just trying to help.-he said mockingly, the dog resumed his serious face.-It may hurt, but now you are not on the verge of death, just accept the bond and that you are his alpha, but do not press beyond that

-Then, we will pretend to get along and everything, to be friends, with the detail that the mark of my teeth is on his neck, but we are not like a couple, is that what you are trying to say?

-Well, don’t say it like that

-J, accepting the brand does not make it any less worse, the boy has always been my partner, even when I thought he was an alpha I can’t just treat him differently

-You will have to do it, Yoongi

The alpha finished changing before responding

-Well, whatever

“Come on, you could have been without him for a long time, give him space, it’s not like he can run away from you or something.” He tried to make it sound like a joke to relax the atmosphere, but Jungkook only got a good hit on the arm before have his friend leave the room.

Yoongi had never been so nervous, he didn’t want to hear Jimin reject him one more time, but if he could spend just a few minutes with him it would ease the pain that was eating him inside. With a shaking hand he knocked on the door a couple of times, his heart almost leaking out of his chest, but then the knob turned. Okay, first step ready, he thought. I’m not expecting an invitation, so he walked back through the door and closed it in front of her eyes.

He had to clench his fists once he was inside, the smell of his omega filled the entire room, but he also smelled of blood, he just hoped he wasn’t hurt. Not that he hated the brand and the bond they now had, but his senses and emotions were much stronger now when it came to Jimin. He turned on his heel with his eyes closed, counting to ten as many times as he could to try to ward off the fear and when he opened his eyes he gasped, he did not know if from surprise or pain

Jimin was sitting on the edge of the bed, his hair was damp after taking a shower. The scar on his neck almost made him vomit, he hadn’t seen him in all these days and although Namjoon gave him some details, he never imagined that his skin would look black. The omega wore a sweatshirt and pants to sleep on, was barefoot and looked tired. He allowed himself for a moment to feel it through his link, only to realize that there was no hatred or rejection, but there was fear.

-Hi.-He seemed a fool, but it was all he could say without scaring the poor boy and losing his chance, he did not answer.-Tae was here and said he could talk to you

Jimin remained silent, staring at him for long moments before looking down at his feet.

Patience, Yoongi, he repeated in his head. But his instinct screamed something else at him, he preferred to pick him up and kiss him, but you could never get everything you wanted


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