Stormy Night Chapter 29, rejection is the worst for wolves


Jungkook had Tae hugged against his side, who shook himself in small tremors in the presence of Yoongi, his best friend was threatening when he proposed, he himself had witnessed that, but he was generally calm, although at this moment he seemed to want break anything in the room

“I said get away!” He yelled again when no one moved.

-Yoongi, I think calming you down would be a good idea.-Namjoon sighed and stood up in such a formal pose that denoted his years of training, the beta crossed his hands behind his back and stood in front of the group of wolves

-You do not get involved, you already have your alpha with you, you can leave, and you.-He said pointing to Jungkook.-If you are my friend you have to understand, take your omega and leave me with mine

Tae stifled a cry of surprise covering his mouth with his little hands. He seemed to be the only one without knowing about Jimin’s true nature, but there was no time for explanations. Jin had waited until he finished the bite of his pizza, his new favorite food, to stand up and intervene.

-You… did you mark my brother?

“I did, do you have a problem with that?” Yoongi raised an eyebrow and crossed him arms. The boy was an alpha and might as well be a bit territorial towards his brother, but as always, the wolf surprised everyone when he lunged at him and wrapped him in a hug

-We are family now, right? I mean, I thought that when we left the herd we would be alone, I don’t know this place much, but we won’t have to go back, mother won’t be able to do anything anymore, right? alpha

-Okay darling, let’s save the hugs just for me, okay?

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Jin nodded repeatedly while looking at Namjoon and hooked his arm with the beta

-Someday you will also put your mark.-he whispered.-It does not matter if you are not an alpha, but I will also be paired. Will you do it too Tae? ”He turned around looking at the omega who blushed immediately at the mention of the bite and hid his face in Jungkook’s chest.

-Well, if you’ve stopped chattering, they can go away. I mean it J, if you don’t get them all out of here I will. I made myself clear?

-Are you sure about this? -Asked the alpha

-I need time alone, I don’t know how things will turn out once I wake up and I prefer to deal with it alone. Just take care of these two.-He pointed to Jin and his beta.-Be safe, I do not want them to be uncomfortable or roam around, I am not even sure that my father will sit idly by

The alpha had to bite his tongue but nodded, shortly after and after Yoongi had given him enough money to stay in a hotel, the boys left the apartment.

-I would like to take them home, at least to Jin, b-but I don’t know if my mother reacts well, you know … those 2 weeks were horrible. -The omega complained as they left the building

-Do not worry Baby. We’ll see what to do, okay? Also, Jin is not alone, that boy is his partner

“It’s a beta.” He wrinkled his nose in confusion

-Yes, but he is a kind of military man or something like that, he can take care of him.-He assured him, kissing his forehead

-Kay.-He said quietly and headed towards the car

Once the 4 were up, Jungkook felt a heavy weight on his shoulders.


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