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Apps to meet Korean people can hide secrets that you should be careful of. With the increasing popularity of Korean culture, many people dream of entering their culture, and why not? Meet people from that country.

Just as apps and platforms such as Tinder were popularized previously, where you could meet people near you from the brief profile they present, a trend has emerged to join applications that allow you to meet people from anywhere in the world, including Korea.

This is undoubtedly an incredible opportunity that can offer multiple benefits, since in addition to socializing you can practice the language you are learning and learn more about the culture of other places.

However, there are some considerations that you should take into account if you use this type of applications, so that you can continue enjoying them without taking any risk.

The recommendations that we share below, will be useful for any application of this type in which you operate and for appointments with any stranger.

Personal information

We recommend that when you join this type of application, you do not share any data of your personal information that could affect you, such as the address where you live, where you study, information about your relatives and your full name. It is a place where you want to meet people, but you should not give extra information to strangers, so we suggest you socialize without revealing much about important issues such as those mentioned above.


If you are going to have a date with someone you met on this platform, ideally, you should not go alone. Remember that, beyond the image we see through a computer or what we read in a cell phone chat, we are not sure what is really happening, so a first meeting may not be what you expected.


For these types of appointments we also recommend that you meet in public places, since it is the first time that you meet this person, it would not be ideal for you to be alone in an unknown place, so it is better to plan a meeting in a place public, busy and in an area where you feel familiar.

Everything takes time

Don’t rush any event with the person you just met. Make sure you know who he really is before making a decision. Get to know each other, date and talk, remember that trust is the most important thing in any type of relationship, make sure you have it completely before considering that person someone close to you.

Be careful what you send

When you send something over the internet, you don’t know where it will end up. For this reason, just as we suggest you not publish your personal information, we also recommend that you do not share compromising images or videos that could put you at risk. It is very common that these types of materials are later used as blackmail or that they are shared on public pages. Don’t risk it!


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