Stormi surprises with her change of look and the Internet loves her


The adorable Stormi Webster wanted to change her image a bit and her mom styled her in a style that suits her perfectly.

In addition to being a great makeup entrepreneur, Kylie Jenner is always seen wearing the latest trends in hairstyles, clothing, shoes and bags, apparently Stormi will have a very good style teacher.

Kylie constantly shares with her followers on their social networks what she does to respect quarantine without these days being too heavy, the young mom has shown her creativity to keep Stormi on the move.

2-year-old Stormi always steals her mother’s attention, at her young age she is a star that dazzles with her charismatic personality and intelligence. Owwwww, Kylie’s fans have a special fondness for their firstborn.

Now the singer of ‘Rise and Shine’ published the change of look of Stormi, which always shows her natural curly hair, her pretty hair was collected in a small bow and to give it a special touch Kylie was in charge of putting two pins that go with his outfit in red and blue.

The post on Instagram of Stormi’s new hairstyle already has more than 7 million likes, family, friends and fans of the reality show figure commented that she looked beautiful, her sister Kim Kardashian wrote: ‘The most beautiful’.


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