Stormi resumes her famous “Rise & Shine” and makes the Web crack!


Kylie Jenner: Stormi resumes her famous “Rise & Shine” and makes the Web crack! Kylie Jenner caused a sensation several months ago with her Rise & Shine. Besides, her daughter Stormi decided to sing it!

Several months ago, Kylie Jenner was the subject of a meme, “Rise & Shine”. She took advantage of it and since then, she caused a sensation with this sentence. Besides, her daughter Stormi had fun singing it!

Kylie Jenner had a baby girl just over two years ago. The starlet loves to share her life with her fans and she did not expect to make a splash with a sentence. Indeed, several months ago, she filmed her daily life in Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Then, the latter woke up her daughter saying “Rise & Shine” and Internet users made a meme. Since then, the star has not stopped using this phrase and has even sung it several times.

The reality TV star has filed her Rise & Shine brand and this has become an iconic phrase for fans. So, as soon as she can, Kylie Jenner says this sentence and it amuses fans a lot. Nevertheless, a few hours ago, she made a video of Stormi speaking on a microphone. The young mother asked her daughter to sing the phrase and that is likely to make all the fans crack!

Kylie Jenner often gives news of her daughter and Stormi is causing a sensation on the net. So, a few hours ago, the starlet filmed her daughter while she was talking on the microphone. We can hear her say “hi” several times and she is adorable . Then her mom tells her to say something and she offers to sing “Rise and Shine”. So we can hear her daughter say this sentence while looking at her mom. It is clear that the video has cracked all Internet users and the mother as well as the daughter want to be very accomplices.

Stormi is growing well and she is showing less and less shy in front of the cameras. So, she had no trouble saying the microphone Rise & Shine in front of her mom. In any case, the small video had the expected effect since all the fans are in love. Indeed, many have cracked when hearing the beautiful voice of the child . “Oh my gosh, she’s so cute,” said one fan. “She’s so cute,” said another fan. In any case, the video has been viewed more than 15 million times on Instagram and Kylie Jenner is a great success.


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