Stormi is becoming a princess thanks to Travis Scott!


For Christmas, Travis Scott gave Stormi a very original gift … A present that the beautiful Kylie Jenner filmed via her instagram story!

For Christmas, Kylie Jenner’s ex Travis Scott got creative! Indeed, the latter offered a sublime gift to his daughter, Stormi!

Saturday December 25, 2020, Stormi had a nice surprise for Christmas! Indeed, the child woke up to find that a princess carriage was parked in front of her house!

Obviously, Kylie Jenner took the time to film the magnificent carriage on which we could read “Princess Stormi”! In addition, several princess outfits were in the fairy vehicle!

Thus, in the caption of his video posted via his Instagram story, we could read the following caption: “Oh my God, Travis Scott”! Proof that even Kylie Jenner ignored the gift Travis Scott was going to give her daughter for Christmas! A great surprise !


This year, Kylie Jenner decided to wear an outfit to match her daughter’s for Christmas! Indeed, the beautiful young woman and Stormi both wore a breathtaking red dress!

So, on Friday, December 25, 2020, the 23-year-old posted two photos of her and her daughter in their evening dress! A post that the star captioned as follows: “Merry Christmas”, quite simply!

Thus, Internet users have responded en masse to the beautiful Kylie Jenner! “Merry Christmas to you too Kylie, I love the photos! “” Too beautiful in red, you are sublime! “Happy Holidays, your daughter is gorgeous Kylie!” ”

Can we read on the social network of the beautiful Kylie! Comments all more adorable than the others which will make the ex of Travis Scott happy! We invite you to admire the pictures in question of the mother and the daughter below!

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