Stormi Imitates Kylie Jenner and Recreates ‘Rise and Shine’


Stormi Imitates Kylie Jenner and Recreates ‘Rise and Shine’ . The dose of tenderness you needed this Sunday.

Afew days ago, Kylie Jenner , Travis Scott, their friends and family gathered to celebrate Stormi’s number two birthday with an incredible and extravagant party.

The daughter of the youngest of the Kardashian has given us unique moments throughout her young life and on this occasion Stormi has returned once again to break the Internet with her tenderness. Are you ready to watch this video?

A few months ago, Kylie Jenner became a tendency to share a video on her YouTube account where she sang ‘Rise and Shine’, the song with which she usually wakes her daughter. That clip went viral and even prompted the socialite to launch official merchandise on its meme.

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Now it’s Stormi’s turn to make her own version of ‘Rise and Shine’. Through her Instagram account, Kylie shared a video where we can watch her daughter holding a microphone in her small hands while greeting several times.

Jenner asked the little girl to sing something and laughing she suggested that she sing ‘Rise and Shine’; Stormi did not hesitate to obey her mother and followed in her footsteps by recreating this short song in her own way.

The tenderness with which Stormi pronounced ‘ Rise and Shine’ melted the hearts of more than one, so Kylie Jenner’s post was filled with comments about how adorable her daughter is. Aww!


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