Stormi Becomes Kylie Jenner For Halloween


Stormi Becomes Kylie Jenner For Halloween. Kylie Jenner always surprises us with her incredible creativity, from being a great businesswoman who breaks borders with her incredible cosmetics, to being one of the famous ones in wearing wonderful costumes.

This time, it is not precisely she who impressed us with her disguise, although we know that the idea came from Kylie, it was Stormi Webster who stole millions of sighs and left us with her mouth open to see how beautiful she looks like her mom. AWW!

Jenner turned her little girl into a mini version of her, Stormi looked like Kylie when she attended this year’s Met Gala, highlighting the lilac color, from the head, to the feet. This was how Travis Scott’s little daughter wore her clothes.

We cannot deny that the idea is incredible, and that there is no better person than the second Kylie, other than Stormi.

Social networks have expressed the great tenderness that gave them the daughter of the socialite dressed like her, and posing in the same way that Jenner would do on any red carpet.

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