Stormfront’s death impacted Homelander’s narcissistic side


After being betrayed by Hughie and Starlight (with the help of A-Train), a desperate Stormfront faces off against The Boys and experiences the full force of “girl power” at the hands of Kimiko, Queen Maeve, and Starlight.

Homelander arrives shortly after, descending from heaven to see his girlfriend’s sorry state in The Boys. Interestingly, Homelander looks visibly upset during this scene, almost haunted by Stormfront’s defeat.

This is strange for a number of reasons: First, Stormfront isn’t really dead. In addition to babbling in German, Eric Kripke has confirmed that the villain will appear in future seasons of The Boys.

Second, Homelander is a heartless monster. Although showing the first signs of softening with Ryan, Homelander is still a cold assassin who brutally ended his former lover in The Boys.

Not only was Stormfront instrumental in mending Homelander’s public image, but his presence also brought him closer to Ryan and closer to his ultimate goal of having someone worthy enough to share his status as God in The Boys.

His fears are tested when he is forced to make a public apology. Only by indulging in unsuspecting audiences from a skyscraper roof can Homelander feel the same sense of control and narcissism that Stormfront gave him in The Boys.

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