Storm proved herself worthy of Mjolnir in the most epic way


Once upon a time, the X-Men Storm was worthy of its own enchanted hammer and turned into Marvel’s Thunder Goddess. However, a powerful mutant used Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, in one of the most epic ways imaginable to destroy his own hammer. A storm caster, realizing that he was created to control her powers. Ororo Munro proved that with great power comes even greater responsibility, as she destroyed the Storm Caster because of his dark influence.

Storm Hammer Stormcaster first appeared in X-Men: Annual #9 from Marvel Comics, where the X-Men ended up in Asgard, and Loki tried to manipulate the then powerless Storm. The trickster god created Storm an enchanted hammer, which gave her powers similar to Thor’s, and endowed her with the same abilities that she had lacked since she was deprived of the power. But the hero and the X-Men quickly realized that Loki had ulterior motives with the hammer, and tried to use the Storm to their advantage. In the end, she rejected Stormcaster and attacked him. But when the hammer eventually returned in a later story, Worthy Storm, along with Thor, used Mjolnir to destroy the Storm Caster.

In Mark Guggenheim, Eric Koda, Danny Miki, Sonya Obak and Dave Sharp’s “X-Men to Serve and Protect #3” Stormfront, Thor brings Stormcaster to Wakanda as he found it while sorting through the relics of Asgard. Upon touching it, Storm immediately transforms into the Goddess of Thunder, prompting Thor to try to snatch her from the grip of the enchanted hammer. Eventually, Thor convinces Storm to grab Mjolnir with him when they swing it together towards the Storm Caster, destroying the hammer and freeing the mutant from his control.

While Stormcaster will later reappear despite his destruction, Storm wielding Mjolnir alongside Thor is one of the most epic ways the hero has been shown to be worthy in the pages of Marvel Comics. However, the moment comes with a giant asterisk. There is debate about whether Storm really owned Mjolnir, given that she held it together with the God of Thunder when she smashed the Thunderer. However, given her strength, her ability to wield another enchanted hammer, and her actions as a hero, it’s fair to assume that Storm was worthy of the hammer, even if she didn’t wield it exclusively herself.

Storm’s turn as the Goddess of Thunder was short, as Loki’s attempts to control her with another enchanted hammer eventually failed. But seeing Storm wield Mjolnir with Thor and smash the Thunderer turned out to be an incredibly epic moment that showed that when the Thunder God eventually steps away from the role or is defeated, the X-Men hero would be a suitable replacement as a seemingly worthy hero. robes.