Storm night, fear is your worst enemy


A week had passed since her return, Tae was no longer afraid, but she couldn’t help but feel sad. Every day she wondered if Jin was okay, she even thought about Jimin. He had never realized how much difference there could be between the wolves, because although they were the same as them, he knew that in a way they were not free, somewhat ironic given that they lived in a pack, without rules, without laws other than their own, but neither they couldn’t even decide for themselves.

He almost cried one night imagining what would have happened if Jungkook hadn’t come looking for him, if Yoongi hadn’t defended them. He knew they wouldn’t do anything wrong to him, but he wouldn’t be happy, he wouldn’t have his mother baking cookies in the morning, he wouldn’t have Hobi complaining about being hungry all the time, or because he had finished one of his video games in record time and was bored again. .

He was afraid to go back there, to be found, but he knew that anyway, his alpha would protect him again and the panic would go away, just like that night. So Tae was determined to get over how long he had lived in a couple of days.

The omega watched as some snowflakes fell, painting the tops of the trees white, he could not sleep and if he was sincere, he began to feel trapped, but his mother had become protective, even paranoid, if he let him out, to another Place other than school, I was afraid it would disappear again.

He was lost in thought when the ringing of his cell phone alerted him to a new message and he smiled. His mother would be able to pick him up after classes end, but he was fortunate that his alpha attended the same school. He walked away from the window and took his cell phone, his hands were shaking, not that he was nervous, he refused to accept it, it was cold outside and it gave him the perfect excuse not to feel embarrassed by the nerves he felt with the alpha.

“You won’t be awake, will you?”

Tae smiled and settled back under the covers.


“No? So why are you answering me, omega? You should be sleeping”

Jungkook always made him laugh, he typed his answer and I wait, he looked in the direction of his door, on the other side everything was silent and dark, he knew that mother was sleeping, but he didn’t want me to catch him messaging at dawn. The light on his cell phone alerted him that he had his alpha’s answer

“I can not sleep…”

“Hey, is something wrong?”

But Tae couldn’t even answer, because the alpha was already calling him,

-Omega? -He said as soon as he answered, he was nervous and the soft and raspy voice of his alpha did not help him at all

-And me

-Tae.-He said in a funny tone, he adored when his little boyfriend got all shy and soft, he also admitted that it was because he liked to tease him, Tae could seem even an angry kitten when he did not like his jokes

-Why did you call? A moment ago you scolded me for not being asleep, I should say the same about you, Jeon

-Oh, are we getting serious Mr. Kim?

-Just shut up.-He snorted annoyed with himself for losing all the seriousness he intended not to feel intimidated by the wolf

-I’m sorry, little boy, he said, laughing, so you’re going to tell me why you can’t sleep?

And Tae was never going to admit that he loved the concerned tone in Jungkook’s voice, taking care of him, protecting him, like he did since he met him.

-I was just thinking, that’s all.-he sighed, sometimes he didn’t even understand himself

-Insurance? Tae, if you’re afraid …

-No.-He interrupted him -I don’t, alpha. Alone, will they be alright?

The line went silent, the alpha felt uneasy about the other wolves, not that he hated them, he knew his boy had a big heart and he was just worried, but the sour feeling in his stomach was a sign that he was jealous, I didn’t want him thinking of an alpha other than him

“They are.” He said after a while. “They are his family, Tae. They won’t hurt them

-But, your a-friend, they didn’t agree and …

-Trust me, they are very small. I promise

“Do you promise?”

-I swear. They will not do anything to them, I understand that they are a little intimidating and those things

Tae rolled his eyes, intimidating was not the word, he did not consider them as bad people, but being selfish enough to hurt others just for a silly habit was horrible

-Even if his family or their leader was furious, Yoongi would never allow them to lay a hand on that boy and your friend Jin, you remember what we heard, right?

“Yes,” he said, smiling at the phone, “I know, alpha.” I just … I thought that our life is very different, I only received 2 weeks without being able to go out-but they … what if they hit them?

Jungkook sighed, didn’t want his omega scared, didn’t want to hear him cry

-It will not happen, but would you like to go and check that they are ok?

“No!” He yelled, regretting it right away, he didn’t want his mother to leave the room and he will punish him without his phone too, but the idea of ​​going back to that place terrified him and he hadn’t realized it until now.

He didn’t want to go, he didn’t want some angry wolves to do something to them for beating Jimin or for being Yoongi’s friend

-Tae? .- The voice of his alpha distracted him from his thoughts

-Sorry, it’s … I just don’t want to go back there, they … could do something

-I will never let you hurt, Tae.-he said firm, sincere. He knew that the ramblings of his omega were pure panic, but he needed it calm and even if none of his ideas came true, he would take another beating if necessary just to keep him safe.

-If it’s any use to you.-he continued.-Yoongi is not very calm either, maybe he will return just to see how things are, after all, that boy is his partner

Tae frowned, it was the second time his alpha had avoided saying Jimin’s name and an idea came to his mind, dispelling any of his nightmares from a few seconds ago.

“Who? Jimin?” He said in an amused tone and sounding as innocent as he could

-Omega ….- And Tae could swear his alpha was frowning when he heard him hiss on the other end of the phone

“Yes?” And although his cheeks were pink and his heart was pounding, he was able to hold his nerves in order to anger his alpha, just a little

“I know what it’s called, okay?” He almost growled

“What’s her name?” She said with a chuckle.

-Tae, please.-He complained. Could they blame him? That little boy had wanted to snatch his omega and although he was the kindest alpha on Earth, he didn’t want him close to him, ever.

-Than? I just want to have a clear and understandable conversation alpha, you need to be honest

Oh and Jungkook wouldn’t let his omega’s words pass

-Honesty then

-That’s right.-Tae felt happy and satisfied with himself for believing that he had beaten that cocky, smug, handsome alpha of his for once… but he was so wrong

-Well, do you want me to be clear baby?

-Mmh.-His heart leaped at the nickname


-I hear you.-The omega felt a little bad just for making him angry, but he liked to see him jealous

-I love you omega.-He released and Tae swore that his heart stopped for a few seconds, his stomach felt heavy and his mouth went dry.

And well, that was honest enough to take him off guard. Although it wasn’t the first time they’d said it, Jungkook sounded so serious, so… in love? No, it was too soon, but Tae knew that the words they had shared during those days were for all the emotions he experienced from being away from home, with his wounded alpha.

And Jungkook seemed to have guessed his thoughts, because he spoke again

-Tae? Listen me …

“I love you too,” he said, letting out a small shriek as the words left his mouth, hid his face under the pillow, and squeezed his eyes shut, as if that could save him from his shame.

-Oh little, I got scared, I thought … you know forget it. I can only promise you that when I see you I will kiss you, very much.

-Jungkook-.He cried again

-I’m being honest, baby. Do you know what I will do too? I am going to give you all my sweatshirts, you will smell me.-He said excitedly, as if it were the best plan in the world

-Your clothes are huge, you fool

-You will use them, it is what omegas do, they wear their boyfriends clothes


-You love the idea, baby. Do you still have the shirt I gave you?

And Tae smiled, because he was just wearing it as pajamas, it was huge and covered it perfectly


-You stink lying

-But that’s how you want me

-I love you, omega

-Well, I’ll use them.-He pretended to surrender and gave an exaggerated snort

“So,” he said when they both stopped laughing at his words, “will you be alright?”

-I will be, I’ll try not to think about … that

-Hey, no baby. You can worry as much as you want, those two don’t have a good time, but don’t think of anything wrong, right?

-Well.-she said yawning, the dream slowly began to appear.

-Well, you little troublemaker, you better fall asleep

-I will, thanks for calling, alpha



The second week, she flew by, but her alpha had delivered on her promise, and her closet was now filled with huge sweatshirts, warm, and smelling of her alpha. Hobi didn’t stop bothering him, until she threatened to never try his mother’s food again.

-Well, whatever

-You love my mother’s food

-Exactly, the food, to her, not to you, traitor

Tae shrugged and stuck her tongue out at him.

-You can go out after this Sunday, right?

The omega nodded while reading the book in his hands, they had met for a school project and although he did not like doing homework on weekends, it was the last of his punishment

-Yep, Jungkook will be able to officially invite me out

– That alpha, silly and conceited? The alpha that oh, and I repeat your words, “is a daring insensitive for stealing my first kiss” .- Imitated a shrill voice

-My mother will cook lasagna, do you want to stay for dinner or would you rather tell her that you will go home early? -He looked at him with a raised eyebrow

-God, I hate you. That is dirty, it is very very low Kim Taehyung. Food should not be used to hurt your friends.-He said pointing a finger, accusing, indignant

Tae rolled her eyes and smiled at him and even though she wanted to avoid it, her mind focused on a tall boy, very talkative and who also loved food. He sighed a little tired, sad. Jin had earned a bit of his affection in a short time, if only he didn’t belong to that pack or if things were different, even he could also sit at the table to devour everything his mother prepared.

Jungkook had been able to return to training after a few days, his ribs were not as injured as he thought. He still had some discomfort, but he preferred to return to his usual life and forget everything that had happened.

His omega had gone home recently, he couldn’t take him on a new date today, his coach had threatened to withdraw him from the captain position after he faced Alex. He wasn’t a violent alpha, but the guy had taken a beating for exposing his omega that way. He didn’t even give him time to excuse himself when he slammed him into the lockers and hit him. Yoongi threatened him with revealing some compromising messages that he had on his cell phone and in his email account if he complained to the director, so the version was quite simple: the guy was a homophobe, everyone believed it, he would not be the first student who behaved violently with his peers with different tastes than his. Jungkook’s friend had managed to hack his mobile thanks to the beautiful new computer they had given him, Jungkook almost ran out of savings, but it was the least he could do after he saved them.

The alpha was bandaging his hands to go out to training, when a few taps caught his attention

-Hey, what are you doing here? .- He asked looking at Yoongi

-I have to talk to you, J. Do you have time?

-The training is almost beginning, is it urgent?

-I would say yes, but I can wait

His friend looked really serious and Jungkook prayed that it was nothing related to his omega. They agreed to see each other in the cafeteria after he finished, but he couldn’t focus, he got some yells from the coach, but the look Yoongi had given him had him worried. He showered, put his things away, and walked the halls of the school.

His friend was sitting at one of the tables with a glass of coffee and under the lamps in the cafeteria, he finally noticed a small blow on his cheekbone


-Hey, sit down, it won’t take long

Jungkook frowned and stood in front of him, his hands trembling.

-What’s going on? .- He sounded a bit desperate

-Tae is not in danger, J. Do not panic.-She looked directly into his eyes and the alpha released the air he was holding

-Well, sorry. I thought that..

-It’s Jimin.-He cut it

-You said it wasn’t about Tae.-She looked at him wrong

-And it is not, your alpha is safe. Anyway, I decided to go back. I went because … I couldn’t just stand idly by- This- he said pointing to the bruise on his face- It was a gift from my father. Of course as the coward he is he didn’t do it himself but one of his men did

Jungkook said nothing, waiting for him to continue.

-None of your men had hit me before, but it seems that things changed a bit. I guess being his son doesn’t give an advantage there anymore

-Did they do something to you?

-No, J. No more than what you see, but … I couldn’t even get in, they kept me on the road before I could set foot in the woods. They don’t want me there

“That boy ordered it?”

-No.-He said clenching his jaw-He couldn’t even order something if he wanted, apparently his position in the pack is in danger

-And that’s good isn’t it? I mean, those two …

-When someone disappoints those wolves, he has to make sacrifices, he has to demonstrate his loyalty to them, that he cares about them, Jimin … he was wrong with Tae and the wolves no longer trust him, amen …

But the alpha did not finish speaking when a tall figure appeared behind him. Jungkook stood up quickly, looking at him unsure, with a few punches, he seemed desperate

-What are you doing here?

Yoongi turned and opened his eyes, if Jin was there it was a bad sign, because he had never left the reserve, but if he was able to go against all the rules and appear in front of them, it was for something … and for Yoongi first felt fear.



-He loves you

-Stop being so naive and stop believing in people’s promises

-Please, just listen. Mother can’t force you

-Shut up, Jin. Just shut up

-You have to trust me, please, just do it

-Since the day I became an alpha, that promise was broken, that’s why he left

-Jimin.-He begged.-He will never care that you are like him, if you ask him he will fulfill his promise, I know, because even if you are alpha, you are still his partner….

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