Storm Gets a Bold New Look Ahead of the Next Big X-Men Event


The cover of the recently released AXE: Eve of Judgment may have provided a huge clue to the cosmic importance of longtime X-Men leader Storm, as Ororo Munro is depicted with a fiery aura and flames instead of hair, which hints at her heavenly potential. to be untied. This vision of Storm, already an Omega-level mutant, as a radiant being of pure power, reminds those who claim that the Phoenix Force was seen only once, during the 2015 Black Vortex storyline.

AXE: Judgment Day is an upcoming Marvel crossover event in which the Eternal Druigas attack the mutants Krakoa and Arakko in an attempt to destroy their “excess deviation”, while the Eternal Ayaka apparently awaken the Heavenly Progenitor leading to the Eternal, the Avengers. , and the X-Men are “judged”. With a brutal attack by the Eternals in just a week or two, it would be a huge boon for the X-Men if Storm could somehow claim the power of a Celestial Deity, perhaps enough to defeat the Eternals.

The Black Vortex, another crossover event, showed how the X-Men and the Guardians of the Galaxy teamed up to stop the Black Vortex, a powerful artifact created by the Celestials eons ago that acts as a mirror, showing the viewer their highest potential and giving them that power if they accept it or succumb to it. Storm, when she was presented with her maximum potential to become a real Goddess of Thunder, capable of destroying entire worlds with her power, rejected the temptation of the Black Vortex, once again proving how balanced and purposeful Ororo is and always has been. Now on the cover of AXE: Eve of Judgment, illustrated by Carlos Pacheco, depicts Druig and other Eternals looming over some of the main X-Men players, including Cyclops, Night Serpent and Magneto, who recently became co-leader of the new Storm Squad. The Brotherhood of Mutants on the pages of X-Men Red. While all of these X-Men are depicted in their usual Krakoan outfits, Storm looks noticeably different, still sporting the iconic new red X-Men costume designed by Russell Dauterman, but now with a fiery aura around her and a gorgeous head. fiery hair.

While this new fire image of Storm is indeed similar to the vision that Black Vortex gave Ororo when he revealed her absolute potential, it is also similar to how Marvel characters endowed with the mighty Phoenix Force such as Jean Grey, Rachel Summers, and the newest Phoenix holder Echo of the Avengers appear. Storm’s use of the Phoenix Force doesn’t make much sense, given that Echo only recently gained the Phoenix force in “Exit Phoenix” and plays a significant role in “Doomsday,” but Marvel has promised that this event will solve many problems. open questions related to Jean Grey and the Power of the Phoenix. Of course, there’s also the possibility that Pacheco just decided to paint Storm this way, highlighting how powerful she has become as Regent of Sol, but it doesn’t make much sense to do this with Ororo and none of the other X. – Men are present. Perhaps in the upcoming X-Men, the Red #5 Storm will somehow bring back the powers of the Black Vortex, given how the Guardians of the Nova Galaxy recently approached her, who were present and changed the Black Vortex, which would give the X-Men a powerful cosmic advantage over both the Eternals and the Celestials.

While it’s still unclear if Storm will actually gain this bold new look and power during Doomsday, it would be great to see Ororo rise to an even higher level of X-Men divinity as she fights for the future of mutants against their many enemies.