Store Manager Exposed TikToker for Faking Viral Video with Starbucks Tips


TikToker’s “random act of kindness” evaporated after their viral video of tips at Starbucks was exposed as fake by real store employees, and viewers berate the creator for not tipping real baristas.

In recent years, videos with large tips have caused a mixed reaction, as viewers responded to comments expressing a desire to give up tips for more stable payment. However, this hasn’t stopped TikTok influencers from creating videos showing great random hints as “acts of kindness.”

In one of these videos, shared by TikToker alohaocean, viewers are shown a scene from a car where two Starbucks customers are waiting for drinks outside a local store. A barista in a green apron comes out, carrying a swinging stack of drinks and carefully passing them through the window.

When he finishes, the driver hands him a thick stack of twenty-dollar bills, and the barista exclaims that he is “so much in arrears.” He awkwardly thanks visitors in the car before returning to the door, famously bouncing in the air as he steps out onto the sidewalk.

TikToker was exposed by real Starbucks employees

However, a kind gesture is not what it seems. In a Twitter post shared by yungmoneymal, the poster reads: “They filmed this in front of my store (the man in the apron in the video doesn’t work here) And they didn’t really tip any of the baristas.”

Viewers in the comments immediately opposed TikToker: Harry Cardassian said: “He’s about to be dragged into the comments of the video,” while Shervoa added, “I knew it was a fake AF, the moment he passed without one of them” featuring a drinks carrier.

Meanwhile, users in the comments to the TikTok video called out the creators, with one viewer saying: “The manager of this Starbucks said that the man in the apron does not work there, and in fact they did not tip real baristas,” and another added: “they filmed this in front of my store (the man in the apron on the video here does not work)”.

Many other viewers expressed their embarrassment for the group, commenting “wow, great game…” and “all members are not embarrassed” in many other responses.

Unfortunately, it seems that TikToker alohaocean is known for these types of videos. The main TikTok account shows various strange “comedy” numbers in which the main character portrays doctors, people with disabilities and other controversial situations.

It’s funny that another staged video on the account takes place outside the same Starbucks as the tip video, with another “barista” drinking a visitor’s drink as a joke before handing her another one hidden in his apron. Regardless of whether these staged videos are intended for comedy or not, it’s clear that viewers don’t find them funny.


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