So stops that knock out! This is how Celia Lora has them on masking


Celia Lora, the famous Mexican model so loved by the public, has recently posted on her Instagram a photograph next to the masked Golden Scorpion. She looks very attractive with a mischievous smile that is already very natural in her.

But what triggered a storm of comments and likes is the imposing of its attributes, which almost want to get out of the red suit that the lush model brings on. Although the masked looks big and she is short, her front is impressive and even intimidates a bit.

Rocker’s daughter Alex Lora loves to generate controversy using her voluptuous forms, and beside this great man she seems to knock him out for two.

Celia seems to like swimsuits a lot, so much so that it is strange to see her in a dress like the one on the postcard.

That Latin flavor that transpires Celia Lora is always a time bomb on social networks and no matter how much your curves are covered they speak for themselves.


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