Stonks: new Fortnite skin is a tribute to the meme


Epic Games added a new Fortnite skin this April 1st that is not a lie, but it is a very humorous joke.

This is a new skin with a character called Diamond Hanz, which is a playable version of the “Stonks” meme.

“The market is open, and it’s time to shine! Buy! Sell! Win!”, Says the game’s official message. The launch is part of a package called “To the Moon!” and there is no date for him to leave the store, but the clothing must be made available for a limited time.

According to the encyclopedia Know Your Meme, the original montage was born around 2017 on a Facebook page and has gained increasing popularity over the years. It involves an image bank illustration of an executive with his face replaced by a generic being in gray, with the background representing the financial market.

Instead of “Stocks”, the image features the purposeful variation “Stonks” – the meme is used as a joke to illustrate bad decisions in the financial market, like investing in a business that is falling or selling ahead of time.

Hanz costs 1,200 Vbucks in Fortnite and can be accompanied by the traditional orange arrow that is part of the assemblies.


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