Stirring Abyss, analysis. Terror from the depths


The Lovecraft universe and turn-based strategy come together in Stirring Abyss. We analyze this combination to discover the hidden charm that it carries.

According to a study, only 5% of the ocean has been explored while only 20% have been mapped. Don’t you get curious to know what lies beyond the seabed after knowing these figures? Stirring Abyss fantasizes about it in a game that aims to unify the Lovecraft universe with turn-based strategy. Dive with us in the USS Salem and join us to discover the mysteries of the deep sea.

Lovecraft and strategy united

When we refer to something being inspired by Lovecraft, it is because it deals with everything that humans do not know, either in space or, as in this case, the seabed. Stirring Abyss delves into an underwater abyss in the North Atlantic during the Cold War.

As one of the crew of the USS Salem, our objective will be to meet with our companions, collect material and fix the submarine to escape the horrendous creatures that inhabit these lost lands.

As we played we had the lingering feeling of reading a choosing your path book. In fact, you must decide what to do with some artifacts that you find in your journeys, obtaining different results depending on which option we had chosen. However, sometimes it will be the dice that will decide whether the outcome of your decision favors or hurts you.


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