Still wondering about Xbox Series S?


During a presentation of the new generation consoles introduced by Andrew Goossen and Jason Ronald, from the Xbox programming and development team, a little more was discussed about the history of the Xbox Series S, its architecture and what to expect from the console for the next few years. years, especially as it is considered a low-cost next-gen and of inferior quality to the Xbox Series X.

According to the team, the planning of the Xbox Series S / X began in 2016 and has already been strategically studied to be sold in two models with different prices, in order to make them more accessible to all audiences who wish to start gambling in one new generation.

Despite physical and hardware differences between the models, with the cheapest edition having titles up to 30% smaller in size due to reduced textures and other technical details, the “basic capabilities are the same between the two consoles”, with both with Dolby Vision support for video streaming platforms, support for 4K resolution and the same possibility of running Ray Tracing effects, which can be turned off only on Xbox Series S, if developers wish to include other effects.

Fortunately, the S Series will feature “improved texture filtering, higher and more consistent frame rates, faster load times and even things like automatic HDR”, with the possibility of doubling the enhanced title frame rate in the future.


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