Stickers of Among Us! for WhatsApp: how to install


Among Us! is the hot game on mobile devices and PC. It is a title that does not ask for much in terms of resources, and for not asking, it is free for iOS and Android.

If you do not know it, it is that one or more traitors have to do everything possible to kill the rest of the companions. To do this, they will have to kill them ‘discreetly’ or sabotage the ship to achieve their objective. But the crew will be in charge of reporting the bodies found and the suspicious behavior of the users, so that in a vote someone can be expelled if the majority decides.

The popularity of the app has skyrocketed and many are wondering how to install and download the Among Us! Stickers. for WhatsApp. If you are also looking for them, we will tell you where to find them.

This is how the Among Us Stickers are downloaded! for WhatsApp

Graphic resources such as emojis or GIFs are the most used in messaging apps. Everyone has their favorites and has them saved to use them at the best time. But it is not worth having a few favorites, some even want the most fashionable ones according to the latest trends and here are the stickers of Among Us! for WhatsApp.

We bring you two proposals where you can get them and have them forever. The first one is for Android users through one of the applications in the Google Play Store. The most recommended is Among Us Stickers, which is free and contains six sticker packs to download. The problem is that they all have a black background, so they will all have a square shape.

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On the contrary, if you want them without a background, we will tell you about another method that both Android and iOS users can use. The first thing you need to do is install both Google Drive and Sticker Maker on your terminal (we leave the links below). Now follow the following steps from your smartphone:

  1. Find the Stickers of Among Us! in Wistickers
  2. Tap on Add to WhatsApp
  3. Choose your account in the Google Drive link that opens
  4. Click on the Open button with Sticker Maker
  5. Finally, add it to your library and then to WhatsApp

Then you will have before you a great variety of stickers from Among Us! in your WhatsApp to use them in the group you have with your friends. Of course, use them when you are not in game or you may find that when you return you are a victim of a traitor.


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