The stick of Kroos for Bale: “The thing of his selection seems little opportune”


Gareth Bale, lately, sticks fall from everywhere. And not only golf, showing that their future is increasingly far from Santiago Bernabeu. Now, even Toni Kroos was surprised to criticize the present of the Welshman, who still does not appear in Real Madrid.

“It seems untimely for you to come from your National Team, do not play with your club and then be in good condition again when you have to return to your National Team,” said the German on the page He added: “The moment may not be the best. I hope it will be fine again when I return. I am convinced that we will still need their qualities in many matches. ”

Kroos, on the other hand, believes that his partner’s present is difficult to analyze: “He was about to leave in the summer. After these things, when both parties seem to have turned the page, it is usually not easy to continue normal. With this in mind, I get the impression of being very motivated and have also signed notable performances. What will have bothered him most is to have become injured by the National Team ”.

And the latter was, precisely, the drop that overflowed the glass in the merengue world that shoots against Bale, who accepted a new call from his national team when he still did not use the white team’s boots again.

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