Steven Spielberg develops drama from adolescence


Oscar winner Steven Spielberg will produce a film based on his own life. According to the Hollywood Reporter website, Spielberg co-wrote a new film alongside Tony Kushner, a Munich and Lincoln collaborator, which is loosely based on his childhood as a child and teenager when he lived in Arizona.

Spielberg will direct the project starring Oscar nominee Michelle Williams. Filming is scheduled to begin in the middle of this year and the film will open in theaters next year.

The main character will not be called Steven, despite being based on the life of the director. In addition, it is not confirmed whether the feature will be set in the 1950s and 60s, the time when Spielberg grew up.

According to sources, Spielberg and Williams are working on a test for young actors who can star in the film, looking for professionals of different ages to portray the child and adolescent versions of the character in question.

It was not even detailed how much of Spielberg’s personal life will be portrayed in the film. One such aspect is, for example, whether the feature film intends to focus on how your interest in making home movies – which influenced JJ Abrams’ Super 8 film. In addition, longtime fans of the filmmaker know well how his personal life has influenced his works in the past.

In an interview with the 2006 DGA about his past, Spielberg said he was delighted with the control the films gave him by creating a sequence of events or a feeling, things like a disaster between trains that he could repeat and watch over and over.

He further said: “I think it was just the realization that I could change the way I perceived life through other media to make it better for me. I was making these little 8mm films and I knew that it made me feel really good about my life, and I could possibly bring other people to this amazing platform in order to enjoy what I was riding “.

Spielberg’s most recent work is Player No. 1, 2018, as his long-awaited West Side Story remake was delayed by the pandemic. The latter is scheduled to open later this year, on December 10. The next Indiana Jones franchise project will have Spielberg on the production team.


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