Steve-O Writes and Deletes an Emotional Response on Bam Margera’s Instagram About His Sobriety: “You’re dying, brother”


No matter how carefree and reckless the team of Cranks may be in their art, the members of the group seem to suffer most from a very personal break with Bam Margera. As the ongoing drama between Bam and his former “Weirdos” co-stars continues, his new social media post prompted Steve-O to comment on his sobriety. The message, which was then deleted, could be summarized in one phrase: “You’re dying, brother.”

Bam Margera’s Social Media Post that inspired Steve-O to Respond

Steve-O’s response came after Margera’s Bem posted on Instagram, once again showing the cracks in his relationship with some of his team of Weirdos. Sharing an old photo of himself with Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O, Margera shared a message in which he recognized one friend in his corner and called the other a “poseur.”

 Bam Margera’s sobriety was an ongoing issue that attracted a lot of media attention when he was fired from Jackass Forever. Various lawsuits, along with some signs of improvement, hit the headlines after these initial reports; Margera blames the “Weirdos” franchise for her addictions. This journey of recovery inspired Steve-O to take Bam Margera on tour with him, as they worked together to warm up.

Again, working together looked like a pleasant reunion of friends. Other photos of Bam and Steve during their “Best Behavior Tour” show them a week ago, smiling in front of a crowded theater audience. In Bam Margera’s inflammatory post above, it is still clear that he considers Steve-O a person who supports him, despite the fact that he continues to dwell on the deteriorating situation with Weirdos. Unfortunately, this tour seems to have proved that Margera’s sobriety efforts seem to have hit a serious snag.

How Steve-O responded to Bam Margera’s message

Initially, Steve-O responded to Bam Margera’s post with his Instagram post. Although he eventually deleted this message from his account, the content of this message was published in the Twitter feed as follows:

Claiming that Margera’s Bem has abandoned his sobriety efforts, Steve-O’s comment does not read as a condemnation or a warning. This is an emotional request to his friend to get better for himself, as well as for his son, who is also present on the tour, which two veteran Cranks are currently going on.

It wasn’t an easy road for Margera, especially after she was declared dead while fighting COVID. While the “Best Behavior” tour looked promising, this latest bump in the road proved to be another obstacle on Bam Margera’s path to sobriety.

Fans and friends will undoubtedly wish him all the best and hope that Bam will get the necessary help to fix the situation. But it’s obvious that people like Steve-O are most drawn to him after so many years of working together in the trenches.

Although it’s mostly a no-Bam affair, with the exception of one Jackass Forever stunt that Margera was still involved in, you can see the latest prank-filled adventure with a Paramount+ subscription.


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