Steve-O Told About The “Weirdos” Trick That He Refused to Do


Weirdo star Steve-O showed a trick from the original movie that he refused to do.

In an interview with Yahoo promoting his recent memoir A Hard Kick In The Nuts, the stuntman said he drew a line in the “Toy Car Up the Ass” sequence, which involved inserting a lubricated toy car into the anus and then visiting a proctologist. who will do the X-ray.

The stunt featured in the 2000 film “Weirdos: The Movie” was instead performed by the late Ryan Dunn.

“I got all these wonderful shots from this. And the way it was for Ryan [Dunn], there was nothing that could be changed to make him better,” Steveā€”O said. “It was the most iconic, incredible thing we’ve ever shot.”

However, the episode “Toy Car up the Ass” is not the only trick that Steve-O refused to perform. Co-author and star of the Oddballs Johnny Knoxville previously said that his colleague categorically refuses to perform bungee jumping.

Elsewhere, Steve-O recently spoke about his struggle with substance abuse, revealing that he once used up 600 nitrous oxide cartridges in 24 hours.

“That was when all this crazy shit went downhill because I hadn’t slept under cocaine for three days and hadn’t inhaled anything but nitrous oxide,” he said during an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Speaking about the hallucinations he experienced, he added: “And at that moment shit starts to fall, and people who are not physically there walk around my apartment.

“Like real fucking people, dude, I saw a dude walk through my apartment, take my bong, light up, blow smoke and just walk through the wall. He’s never fucked there. Always.”

The Jackass performer also said that he had tactile hallucinations when he could feel things that weren’t really there.

Meanwhile, the Weirdos may return in a new series later this year thanks to Paramount+.


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