Steve Martin won’t take on other acting roles after “Only Murder in the Building”: “It’s weird”


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The end of an era. Reflecting on his career, Steve Martin revealed that he has no plans to continue filming after “Only Murders in the Building” comes to an end.

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“When this TV show is ready, I will not look for others. I’m not going to look for other movies. I don’t want to make a cameo. Oddly enough, this is it,” the 76-year-old actor told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, August 10, about how he looks into his future.

Martin, who stars in the Hulu series with Martin Short and Selena Gomez, noted that he has been thinking about retiring for some time.

“We were very happy just performing live,” he said, referring to his ongoing “You won’t believe how they look today!”. tour with a short, 72 years old. “There may be a natural end to this—someone gets sick, someone just wears out-but I wouldn’t do it without Marty.”

The New York native began his career as a writer on the Smothers Brothers comedy series in the 1960s. The stand-up comic continued to appear on The Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live, with Martin previously hosting the sketch series 15 times.

On the big screen, the winner of the Emmy Award won over the audience with roles in the films “Jerk”, “Dead Men don’t wear a plaid”, “Three Amigos”, “Father of the Bride”, “Wholesale cheaper” and others. He also tried his hand at music, writing lyrics for “Bright Star” and “Meteor Shower”, which premiered on Broadway.

In 2021, Martin co-wrote and starred in his first television series, Only Murders in the Building. The comedy series tells about three strangers who are connected by a love of true crimes. After a mysterious death occurs in their home, Mabel (Gomez), Oliver (Short) and Charles (Martin) team up to track down the killer while simultaneously recording a podcast about their investigation.

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Earlier this month, co-creator John Hoffman spoke about the joy of working with Martin on the popular TV series.

“He told me recently, just dancing around the room, that he never expected such an amazing thing,” Hoffman told THR on Sunday, August 7. “He said:”In my career, there has not been a mixture of a warm, critical reception with a popular reception like this all at once. My films get recognition after 20 years.” I hadn’t thought of that. I find it incredibly touching that he joined everyone in this spirit to pave the way.”

At the same time, the producer also told how the script for OMITB is being written.

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“Once we agreed on the tone of the show as New York, you could get your pie and eat it with these comedic geniuses,” he continued. “What if the cat is in the freezer? You can act out a scene with Steve Martin, who discovers a cat in the freezer and has to pull it out, and one of the legs breaks off, and now he puts it in his pocket. But this scene has to be combined with something deeply grounding.”

Hoffman added: “It’s absurd, but both things are being held at the same time. All this should be in moderation and give the audience what they want, but it should organically match the narrative that we are building. That’s the beauty of this show: it can go in different directions, and you never know where it will go from one moment to the next.

Only “Murders in the Building” has been renewed for season 3, and season 2 is currently airing Tuesdays on Hulu.


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