Steve Jobs’ original resume is auctioned for R $ 1.2 million


In 1973, the still young Steve Jobs was looking for a job in the Portland area, in the US state of Oregon. He was dropping out of college at Reed College, because he didn’t think his parents should pay for classes he wasn’t taking advantage of in terms of knowledge.

Instead of studying, he filled out a kind of ready-made curriculum or application form, with some details about his skills and personal data to be delivered to companies.

One of these papers, signed by the executive, had the auction recently concluded in England. And, according to BidSpotter, it is a valuable item: the form, which has only one page and is in good condition, went to an anonymous buyer for £ 162,000 – the equivalent of almost R $ 1.2 million, in direct currency conversion.

The form does not show the position that the young student wanted, besides indicating that this would be his first job. It is not possible to determine which company he sent it to.

In the “Skills” field, Jobs signaled that he had skills in computing and calculation, as well as specializing in “electronics technology” or “project engineering” with a focus on digital. The future co-founder of Apple still indicates that he has a driver’s license and “possible, but not likely” access to his own means of transport.

It is possible that the form did not bear fruit: Jobs did not get a job until a year later, at developer Atari. In the long run, the story is better known: in 1976, back at his parents’ home in the Silicon Valley region, he founded Apple alongside colleague Steve Wozniak.

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