Steve Harvey shared photos of kids dressed like him at school, and I have to applaud these parents


No quarrels with these families!

Around this time of year, many schools across the country are quickly holding various dress-up days, the themes of which are related to homecoming events and team spirit days for football season, not to mention embracing the spirit of the season with Halloween costume days. It may be difficult for both students and parents to come up with unique ideas, but there are several families who have no problems with this. Parents shared photos of their children going to school in Steve Harvey costumes, and they caught the attention of the Family Feud host himself.

Hats off to these parents for always thinking of the ever-fashionable comedian as an inspiration for their kids’ dress-up day. Steve Harvey must have been impressed too, because he noted the amazing photos of these students by sharing them in his Instagram stories. Take a look at this stylish look:

A student in a Steve Harvey suit.

This bald cap and Steve Harvey’s signature mustache really complete the ensemble of this girl’s costume at Spirit Week, and I also have to highlight the shoes. In case there are any questions about her identity, she took the Family Feud board game with her — an excellent choice.

While Steve Harvey may be a rare choice for costume inspiration, the Miss Universe host found another example of someone dressing like him for Career/Costume Day.

The young man looks very elegant in his suit, and I appreciate the shirt with the Paisley pattern, which speaks of a style icon. I would really like one of the children to be painted in brighter colors, which the presenter loves so much, but I think that mom and dad may not have a bright orange suit at hand, which I am ready to give them for the future.

Because honestly, who better to serve as your Career Day inspiration than one of the hardest working men in the entertainment industry? Steve Harvey is known for his hustle and bustle — in addition to “Family Feud”, he also hosts the “Star” and “African” versions of the game show, “Miss Universe”, a national radio program and judge Steve Harvey. In the past, he has said that the difficulties he faced at the beginning of his career forced him to devote himself to so many responsibilities.

The comedian said he was homeless when he broke into Hollywood, and even after he had achieved success in his comedy career, both through sold-out comedy shows and through acting, he lost $22 million when he was robbed by his accountant. Of course, there are a number of lessons to be learned from Steve Harvey that schoolteachers simply cannot share. But even if these parents were inspired solely by the fact that the Family Feud host makes them laugh with his hilarious reactions and moments of a viral game show, rather than his inspiring story, I’m still not mad at them.

These two parents may not be the only ones taking ideas from Steve Harvey’s eclectic wardrobe this Halloween, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for some fashion tricks or treats. Judge Steve Harvey will return for a second season on ABC in 2023, and you can check your local listings to find out when to catch him on Family Feud.


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