Steve Harvey raised the issue of the Miss Universe mistake by sharing his thoughts on the video with Will Smith’s apology


Steve Harvey and Will Smith may both be relevant to the public backlash after a TV event went awry because of their actions. After Chris Rock joked about the appearance of Jada Pinkett-Smith at the 94th Academy Awards Ceremony, Will Smith slapped him in front of the Academy and all the audience. Harvey, who himself made mistakes on television in connection with the erroneous fiasco of the winner of the Miss Universe contest, shared his thoughts about what he thinks about the video with Will Smith’s apology to Chris Rock.

Four months have passed since the Oscar controversy broke out, and Will Smith’s career has faced many consequences, such as leaving the Academy, two of his upcoming films failed, and were also banned by the Academy for ten years. Steve Harvey shared in an episode of the Steve Harvey Morning Show podcast “The Pulsating Shug Smith Effect” about the public outrage that can arise from a single action that the masses see.

I think Will was completely shocked and caught off guard by the backlash. For the first time, he felt the masses and the poison of the general public. When you think that you are loved, but you find out that you are not… this publicity hurts!

The Family Feud host went on to say that Will Smith ruined the Oscars for a lot of people that night, such as the executive producers, the hosts who would be performing until the end of the night, and his own moment of winning the Oscar for Best Actor. Instead of focusing on the honors everyone returned home with that night, the slap was the moment everyone talked about more.

While the “Fresh Prince of Beverly Hills” star had never faced a negative public reaction before, Steve Harvey was familiar with it. He couldn’t help but mention in his podcast the case when he made a public mistake, being the host of Miss Universe, when he announced the wrong winner. He screwed up when he misinterpreted a card that he thought read Miss Columbia as the winner, when in fact she was Vice Miss. Although this mistake did not prevent him from continuing to hold a beauty pageant, this moment was still talked about, followed by frying at Miss Universe a year after that, and again it was referenced when Tyra Banks made a similar mess live on television during the host of “Dancing”. With stars. Harvey went on to say in an episode of the podcast that a controversial moment doesn’t always escape you.

It took me a week to balance myself with the Miss Universe mistake.

On the other hand, this 65-year-old comedian was brave enough to stand up to Miss Colombia a month after the incident when her crown and belt were torn from her live broadcast on television after it was revealed that Miss Philippines were the real winners. Despite the humiliation she still felt over the incident, Harvey still brought her to his show and apologized to her. Despite the fact that it took much longer for Will Smith to apologize to Chris Rock, the American TV presenter paid tribute to him not only for apologizing in the video, but also to his mother, who reacted sharply to what happened. He also considered it a plus that Will Smith decided not to apologize on his wife’s talk show “Red Table Talk” and preferred that the video be personal, and only he spoke on camera. Harvey understood why the winner of the Best Actor nomination felt the need to go to India on his spiritual journey away from the chaos that haunted him.

Steve Harvey concluded his podcast release by talking about the importance of overcoming differences. That he is not one of those who blames people for their mistakes, because he himself made mistakes. While Chris Rock reportedly may not be ready to confront the “I, Robot” star yet after getting slapped in the face, Steve Harvey has forgiven him as he would like the same treatment in return. To find out more about when we’ll see Will Smith on the big screen again, stay tuned for new releases of CinemaBlend movies.


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