Steve Belichick Reveals Patriots’ Playoff Mantra


Steve Belichick saw with his own eyes how his father helped create a 20-year dynasty of Patriots.

New England lived by the formula “week after week, one game at a time.” Which led them to the playoffs more often.

During a recent appearance on Chris Long’s “Green Light” podcast, the Pats linebackers coach talked about New England’s postseason mood.

And his explanation was… interesting.

“We have a saying here: ‘As soon as you get into the playoffs, only one plane will land – and all the others will crash and burn in the ocean,'” Steve said. “It’s true.”

“The plane of only one team will land, and all the others will crash and burn. At this time of year, it’s either a hat and T-shirt game or a garbage bag game. You clean up your trash locker. bags, or you celebrate with new hats and T-shirts.”

When Long asked an additional question about the Patriots’ worst “plane crash,” the youngest Belichick retorted:

“You guys beat us in the Philadelphia Super Bowl in 2017. It sucks.”