Steve Aoki: Inside a day in my life


“Wherever I am in the world, I always find time for [training] #AllOutWithAoki,” the 44—year-old DJ told us about his morning routine.

Aoki, who often tours the world performing his DJ mixes, has previously openly talked about how he maintains motivation and endurance during workouts.

“I like to create challenges to achieve goals,” the Florida native told Men’s Health in April 2020. “One task I recently did is to reduce the fat percentage to 10 percent. By doing this, I had to change a lot of the structures of my life when it came to my diet and how hard I worked.”

At that time , he continued: “Because I like to share my workouts with my fans and people who follow me on social media, I like to do as much training with my own weight as possible. … [My main advice] is never to miss a leg day.”

After completing his daily workout, the author of Blue: The Color of Noise will focus on his work, including the upcoming photo shoot for his collaboration with Natural Light Vodka.

“We teamed up to bring my next residence right to the home of one lucky fan and give them the best weekend of their lives,” he told us about the partnership.

By the end of the day, for Aoki, it all comes down to music. Before his nightly sets, the Grammy nominee is trying to warm up and work out in his home studio.

“I like to give the fans something special,” he explained to Us. “I often prepare edits and remixes for my songs, which you will hear only if you come to me.”

The charming voice actor became famous as a producer, having opened his company Dim Mak in 1996. By March 2010, he debuted his track “I’m in the House” with Will.I.Am . Since then, Aoki has released six albums and was nominated for his first Grammy Award in 2013.

“I mean, this is my life,” Aoki told Billboard in March 2021 about the electronic dance music genre. “This is the basis of everything I do. I can make different sounds. I made Kolony, my hip-hop album, where I produced the whole hip-hop world, and I did straight hip-hop beats that you probably didn’t know it was me. But the core of what I’m doing now is EDM.”

To find out how else Aoki spends his time, scroll down to see the full account:

6:00 A.M.

Aoki starts his day with a quick workout.

8:00 A.M.

Sweating, Aoki happily takes an ice bath to “clear his mental state and give his muscles time to recover.”

1:00 PM.

The musician of “Are You Lonely” stopped at a photo shoot of Natural Light Vodka for the upcoming collaboration.

4:00 P.M.

“My mom is my biggest fan and I’m so grateful that she lives nearby,” he said of their afternoon family get—togethers. “Regardless of whether you play chess or have lunch, it’s nice to spend time with her.”

7:00 P.M.

Before going to his evening shows, the “Send It” artist goes to his studio to practice.