Stephen King Bemoans the recent cancellation of the series, But Probably Not The One You’re Thinking Of


Stephen King is a horror legend known for writing some of the most famous novels in the history of American literature, and many of his works have become hits for big and small screens. But when King isn’t writing his next masterpiece, the horror movie author consumes movies, TV shows and more and tweets about it, just like the rest of us. And just recently, he weighed in on canceling a TV show he likes, and you’ll probably never guess which one.

Stephen King took to Twitter to complain about the cancellation of a show that dwells in the realm of horror or maybe even more focused on mysticism. However, the series that the legendary writer wrote about is a kind of CNN program that aired for a long time. Check out the tweet below:

The only show on CNN that I never missed was Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter. It was an invaluable window into how the media is covering… myself. CNN canceled it today. August 18 , 2022

CNN’s Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter showed the finale of their series on Sunday, August 21, marking the end of an era. The show told how the American media work and how they can influence the public’s perception of major events. The show has been a mainstay of cable news for many years, with its first broadcast in 1993. Such a long period has certainly led to a loyal audience, so I am sure that the screenwriter of “It” is not the only one who is disappointed with the cancellation. .

Stephen King has never been shy about speaking out when it came to TV shows and movies that he loves. King even joined an online campaign to “reverse the cancellation” of the Manifesto. Their efforts were crowned with success, as the NBC show was saved by Netflix, which is producing the fourth and final season. When this became known, King and the actors reacted with excitement to this news.

The author also has no problems discussing productions related to his own work. A few years ago, he revealed how he feels about Castle Rock (available for streaming on a Hulu subscription), calling it “really good.” The show was inspired by many characters and themes from the writer’s extensive bibliography. It also took place in a named fictional town located in the suburbs of Maineā€”a place that is often explored in the narrator’s novels.

Of course, there are many other upcoming films and miniseries dedicated to Stephen King in development. The prequel “Pet Cemetery,” “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone,” and “The Fate of Salem” are just some of the productions that are currently scheduled to appear on our screens at some point in the future. I suppose it’s not too surprising when you think about it. Both “It” films became box office hits, and adaptations such as “Escape from Shawshank”, “Stay with Me” and “The Green Mile” received Oscar attention.

But going back to Stephen King’s current situation, I’m sure he’ll find something to fill the void now that CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter are officially signed. And whenever he does, I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes back to Twitter to talk about it.


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