Stephen King Approves Halloween Ending with Funny Sarcastic Sigh


Reviews of Halloween Ends are online, and the overall reaction is definitely mixed. It’s never easy to complete a trilogy, especially one that is a sequel to a beloved franchise, and many people have different opinions about how director David Gordon Green put an end to his three-part film Laurie Strode/Michael. The Myers story. There are many negative points, but one prominent voice supporting the film is genre legend Stephen King, who gave the sequel to the horror blockbuster his approval.

Stephen King obviously had the opportunity to see a preview of “Halloween is Ending,” and he logged into his personal Twitter account to share his thoughts. It doesn’t look like this movie will make it onto his top 10 list for 2022 (for example, he’s very enthusiastic about “Smile”), but he praised and mockingly pointed out what he believes is the key ingredient that makes it work. Check out his tweet below:

Any regular reader will tell you that the strength of Stephen King’s works lies in the fact that his characters are so well drawn and fascinating that it is not surprising that he turns to this kind of material in other people’s works. The slasher subgenre is full of films in which a bloodthirsty maniac cuts out empty vessels, but King clearly does not consider the end of Halloween to be part of this lame tradition.

The new sequel takes place four years after the events described in the films “Halloween” and “Halloween Murders” in 2018, and it tells the story of Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her granddaughter Allison (Andy Maticak), who are trying to live a normal life after the murder of Michael Myers. “The last wild attack. Unfortunately, however, Michael is still at large in Haddonfield, Illinois, and the evil he represents infects everything in town, including Allison’s developing relationship with Cory (Rohan Campbell), a young man with a dark past.

Like David Gordon Green’s two previous Halloween films, Halloween Ends continues Laurie Strode’s journey to recover from the trauma of Michael Myers, and the film isn’t just about a villain brutally murdering her friends and neighbors (although that’s definitely part of the experience). Obviously, that’s what Stephen King appreciated about it.

For those who want to make up their own minds, “Halloween Ends” is coming to theaters this weekend, and tickets have gone on sale (opens in new tab) — although Peacock subscribers will also have the opportunity to watch the movie at home. And if you’re interested in learning about all the other horror films that are due to be released in the creepy season of 2022, check out our Upcoming Horror Movies section.

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